Late sunday Night Musical offering


“Where you come from is gone, where you thought you were going to was never there, and where you are is no good unless you can get away from it. Where is there a place for you to be? No place… Nothing outside you can give you any place… In yourself right now is all the place you’ve got.”― Flannery O’Connor, Wise Blood


“Introduction” – Leonid & Friends (Chicago cover)

(Full screen and maximum volume on to appreciate these unbelievably talented Russian musicians, providing a Chicago cover)



  1. This was the first Chicago tune I ever heard, and it changed my musical life forever! And these wonderful musicians are better than the original, except, of course, for Terry Kath, who died way too young!

    I played this in bands for years, and loved it every time!

    Thanks, this took my mind off the misery for six minutes!

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