The beauty of the Human Spirit We Advance

Inquiring minds want to know: When the gods come for your soul, whom will you point to, that led to you shitting yourself?

Many had false hopes that with the explosion of the death star, all roads would lead to peace, tranquility and abundance for all.

Sadly, those false hopes have led to a trail of tears, where innocents continue to believe in whatever shitfuckery the minions of the gods utter.

No matter how insane their bullshit from yesterday was, they seek to add another layer of excrement to their legendary piles of shit they’ve unleashed upon the unknowing and ignorant today.

One mask of oxygen depravation – no – now two, three, and now four layers of oxygen depravation is needed to combat the mighty cornholio, where those who might contract it, have a 99%+ survivability rate:



Doctor Tells NBC Americans Should Consider Wearing FOUR Face Masks – by Paul Joseph Watson, via

Why the fuck does this shitposting writer continue on? For most have embraced their demise at the hands of these demons?

Maybe only for the music offered each night, knowing that when we reach our final destiny, the only account we’ll be held to…is the beauty of the human spirit we’ve advanced, and the music offered each night on this shitposting site, might provide just a portion of the heavenly balm from musical geniuses from another era:


Tonight’s musical offering:

MOZART “Symphony No.38 in D major K504” (Prague) BERNARD HAITINK



  1. a plastic bag over the head and sealed around the neck with duct tape would do the trick. it will block 100% of all germs, bacteria and virus and also it blocks that dirty oxygen you don’t want to breath. be sure and wrap it tight around the neck okay don’t leave a single gap for a molecule of AIR to make it through. more for me. nothing this stupid is meant to live! NOTHING! natural selection will take over from there!

    i have seen people doing it Decker!! for gods sake…two masks…and three layers…they get behind the wheel of a rolling rocket and drive to whatever hell awaits them. watch yourselves people…those left alive that can claim to be a person and not part of a hive mind. these people are driving cars, semi rigs and buses….and your the target. anyone in front or around them when they pass out from hypoxia will be run down in the road.

    the brain death is already showing…everywhere…you can see it in the stumbling walk. the zombie like eyes…the mistakes all the store personal make. and those who forget what they are doing and why…lack of oxygen does that and now they are committing suicide. the first mask didn’t do enough damage apparently. didn’t kill enough. now the ”authorites” recommend and the idiot that listens to them willingly complies with every decree…even to presenting backside…spread your cheeks for the rod being jammed up your colon to test you for life! still living?? put on another mask…at both ends!! still living? wrap yourself in plastic wrap…make sure no skin shows…don’t let your body breath either…eventually you will be cured!! and your cured body removed to the morgue. finally out of the jean pool.

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    1. two masks…three layers…Mercy! Indeed Highlander, you can see the brain dead all over. Thank you, as always for your thoughtful and spot on comments. Cheers!


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