Final moments – The months of their scamdemic

Skittles and lollipops are falling from the skies on the eve of an inauguration of new government dolts here in the States who can, and (probably) will, do everything they can to continue humanity’s slide into an abyss of hopelessness, destruction and false hope.

The orangeman, deranged as he is, is about to be replaced by a senile slurpy, just as intent to create havoc around the world as his predecessor has done with his 4 years of NOT draining the swamp, but, in 4D chess-like moves, adding swamp creatures to make life as miserable as possible for the innocents, and doing a mind-meld on them to believe he is/was, for them.

Sweet mother of baby Jesus – what the dumb-downed believe:

The Unwelcome Return of the Real Purveyors of Violence – By Rep. Ron Paul via

With the mainstream media still obsessing about the January 6th “violent coup attempt” at the US Capitol Building, the incoming Biden Administration looks to be chock full of actual purveyors of violent coups. Don’t look to the mainstream media to report on this, however. Some of the same politicians and bureaucrats denouncing the ridiculous farce at the Capitol as if it were the equivalent of 9/11 have been involved for decades in planning and executing real coups overseas. In their real coups, many thousands of civilians have died.

Take returning Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, for example. More than anyone else she is the face of the US-led violent coup against a democratically-elected government in Ukraine in 2014. Nuland not only passed out snacks to the coup leaders, she was caught on a phone call actually plotting the coup right down to who would take power once the smoke cleared.

Unlike the fake Capitol “coup,” this was a real overthrow. Unlike the buffalo horn-wearing joke who desecrated the “sacred” Senate chamber, the Ukraine coup had real armed insurrectionists with a real plan to overthrow the government. Eventually, with the help of incoming Assistant Secretary of State Nuland, they succeeded – after thousands of civilians were killed. (read more)

Look, I’m just a 65 year old shitposting writer. But folks, come on, how much of these shysters bullshit is enough?

Federal Officials Warn “Mutant” Covid Strain Spreading in US as Cases Decline: via

Top notch fuckery there…and here:

Irish GP Says “Covid is Only Circulation Virus in Country at the Moment – via

Speaking on RTE Radio earlier today, Clare based GP Dr. Máire Finn told presenter Claire Byrne, that “the only circulating virus in the country at the moment is Covid, so if you have any nasal respiratory symptoms, anything of that nature, it’s Covid until proven otherwise.” Her comments echoed those  of Health Service Executive Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Colm Henry, who told RTE last week that “fortunately, we have no flu this season.” Praise Jesus it’s a miracle.

And Jesus wept!

These whom we listen to and continue to obey…they are all demons!

When we assume room temperature, which is guaranteed for all of us, since Father Time is undefeated, this shitposting writer wonders, will our willful ignorance of the destruction of ourselves and loved ones, of the elimination of all that is good and proper – how will that be looked upon in the hereafter?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Janine Jansen – Tchaikovsky – Violin Concerto – Järvi (final moments)







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