Ah…The truly deranged we continue to believe in – Walking the Tightrope

In tonight’s episode of, ‘these clowns only know how to destroy’, we have the social media corporate outhouses terminating any views, opinions, facts, that they don’t like,  even the orangeman himself; mainstream media advancing the notion of ‘cleansing the movement’ of Trump supporters; and in a twist from the bullshit these fuckers have advanced for 10 months now, the geniuses at NPR come clean to tell the obedient that disinfecting surfaces might not be worth it to prevent the cornholio.

So, watching minimum wage employees disinfect grocery carts with chemical shitfuckery is no longer good, even though these corporate overlords have been demanding it for the last 10 months, but now, is no longer needed.  Ah, the truly deranged that the unwashed continue to listen to.

I mean, what more could happen….maybe a live execution of an unarmed citizen at the capitol in Washington? Naw…that’s impossible here in the land of the slaves.

Enough shitposting tonight….

Just take a gander, if you are so inclined, at the absolute further insanity (if that’s possible) oozing from corporate and government cocksuckers near and far, as the country descends into its end:

Apple to Parler: Crack Down on Free Speech or Face Ban – via breitbart.com


Pelosi Says She’s Talked to Top Military Chief About Preventing Trump from ‘Ordering a Nuclear Strike’ – via bretibart.com

Who made this 80-year-old bitch president?


Schools Offer ‘Emotional Support’ to Students, Teach About ‘Sedition’ After Capitol Riot – via bretibart.com

Read of the following shitfuckery, and ask yourselves, thinking back to your elementary days in school, would you have have been able to conjure up such shit:

Public schools across the country are quickly responding to Wednesday’s events at the U.S. Capitol by offering “emotional support” for students and teaching vocabulary words such as “insurrection” and “sedition.”

Ally Stanton, a kindergarten teacher in Needham, Massachusetts, told 25 News:

I had a lot of students coming in this morning saying things such as Mommy and Daddy were watching a lot of news, bad guys got into the White House, there were bad people that were trying to hurt others in Washington. A lot of them were really concerned because they know that people shouldn’t be breaking into buildings… that it’s just not normal for them.

Boston-area school districts’ “regular lesson plans were either pushed aside or modified to include discussions about the demonstration against the presidential election that turned into a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol,” the news station reported.

Diana Cross, a middle school English teacher, refused to call it a “protest.”

“It wasn’t just an articulation that there’s an injustice happening. It was violent and it was chaotic. As I said to my students, several words you could use: an insurrection, a riot. We talked about the word ‘coup’ and we also talked about ‘sedition,’” she said.

Meanwhile, in New York, students at Pawling High School asked questions like, “Why (did President Donald Trump) start off his speech with how he understood why they were doing it and continue to make false claims about how the election was stolen?” and “Do you think there will be a civil war?” according to the Poughkeepsie Journal.

We’ve allowed our children to be subjected to the masks of oxygen depravation, and now, we’re subjecting them to the above.  This won’t work out well for the dopes and assholes subjecting such shit to innocent children.

When this evil assumes room temperature, we can only hope that the lowest bowels of Hell will be their eternal home.

Pure fuckery, Amy.

We’re expected to believe that a child came up with the shitfuckery in the above article, and highlighted as follows?

Why (did President Donald Trump) start off his speech with how he understood why they were doing it and continue to make false claims about how the election was stolen?” and “Do you think there will be a civil war?”


Folks, all these government shysters and their obedient are demons – we are to believe them?  Left, Right and in between in Washington. There is, no longer any quarter to be given to these assholes, for they are now coming after your lives.

As Americans Face Starvation, Gov’t Spends $55 Billion on Smart Toilets, Lizards on Treadmills, and More – via wakingtimes.com

Yet there is a way for us to all come together…

BLM and Maga Come Together to Oppose Forced Vaccination Bill in New York – via wakingtimes.com

If you might have ever wondered what the ‘end times’ might look like…you have a front row seat.

There is nothing left than to stand for you and yours against the end assault from these fuckers.

It’s a tightrope, and not just the Texas kind:


Tonight’s musical offering:

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Tightrope (Live From Austin, TX)

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