The magic mind-meld of f**kery continues

The gods of mayhem and treachery have rarely been disappointed with government cement heads’ behavior throughout the ages.

The gods levitate in the cosmos, with never a concern that their plans and schemes to f**k up as many innocents’ lives as possible will be thwarted by the future residents in the condo’s readied for them at Lake Gehenna.

Innocent’s being screwed in this life is of paramount importance to the gods and their henchmen here on terra firma. The gods’ magic mind-meld is genius, for not only will the innocents suffer the implosion of their lives here, the psychopath’s who carry out their evil will also suffer…probably not much in this life, but guaranteed after their bodies have assumed ash or worms.

Marvel at the demented orders, mandates, and general shitf**kery the braindead and psychopath’s among us issue, and we continue to follow:

Parents’ fury as kids forced to eat with their fingers after being banned from using knives and forks at school – via

PARENTS are furious after kids were forced to eat with their fingers and banned from using knives and forks at a school in Walsall.

Kids at Edgar Stammers Primary Academy have been forced to eat meals with their hands after the school banned all cutlery over “Covid fears”. (read more)

The mighty cornholio knows of no insanity it can’t instill for the lolcow’s to follow via living demons’ edicts who hold administrative or government positions.

But wait! 

Hey Mom, come quick…look, there’s more glories of destruction from the demons:

Charity Builds Dozens of Tiny Homes for the Homeless, and The Government Destroyed All of it – via

By Matt Agorist

Several months ago, the Free Thought Project cofounders made a small donation to the groups Food Not Bombs and the Sidewalk Project who were raising funds to build tiny homes for the homeless in Las Vegas. The group raised $16,000 and built 26 tiny homes for people who had previously been living on the streets. It was an amazing feat put together by a handful of caring people trying to better their community. But thanks to the City of North Las Vegas government, the tiny homes are no longer.

Police and city officials raided the camp last week and destroyed all the homes. All the hard work and dedication of the volunteers was wiped away in an instant, along with all the personal belongings of the ones living there.

“Last week our local government destroyed the Houseless encampment we were building tiny homes for, that you both donated to help build,” Joey Lankowski, who does homeless outreach with Food Not Bombs, told TFTP. “They destroyed all 26 homes were built.”

Screw us all that we allow this shyte to continue.

And this just in:

These shyters have our back…right?

FDA Announces Deaths of Two Pfizer Vaccine Trial Participants as it Prepares to Issue Fast-track Authorization – via

Ah, but the apathetic’s, ignorant’s and lolcow’s have come to embrace and love their enslavement to the outhouse of shit from these demons. These shysters are the sub-mediocrities; the demons we continue to obey.

“My own view is that this planet is used as a penal colony, lunatic asylum and dumping ground by a superior civilization, to get rid of the undesirable and unfit. I can’t prove it, but you can’t disprove it either.” ― Christopher Hitchens

The Great Songs of Christmas Album Four. Goodyear. 1964 – The Brothers Four – “Go Tell it on the Mountain”


  1. I’m ripping off another quote from you, Decker! This Hitchen’s quote goes hand in hand with Huxley’s (I’m paraphrasing) “Perhaps, this planet is another planet’s hell?”

    Both of these quotes make much more sense than what we experience every day: “THE NEW NORMAL”!

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