The brain drain continues

It’s a slow ‘news’ day, so let’s just sit back and entertain the thought of 5 mannequins lining up for the poke in the arm, to demonstrate the ‘effectiveness’ of the vials of battery acid that Big Pharma and government dickheads have approved, after just a scant 10 months, are safe and will save lives.

These are the shits who have provided humanity with their endless wars, death, destruction, medical mayhem and overall shitf**kery.

Yes these are the dickheads who are going to show us the way out from the mysterious, and ever-changing cornholio?

Yeah, right.

The chief of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is willing to publicly receive a coronavirus vaccination, joining former U.S. Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a display of trust in the process.

Tedros, an Ethiopian public health researcher and the head of W.H.O. since 2017, said during a Friday briefing he is “happy to” publicly show himself receiving the vaccination.

“It’s a good idea, and I support their offer,” Tedros said when asked about former U.S. Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama committing to getting vaccinated publicly, along with Boris Johnson, adding “They can influence… They are influencers.”

“I would be happy to do the same thing, but at the same time, I need to also make sure that it’s my turn because I don’t want to take anybody’s vaccine.” – via

Oh, okay.  These criminals will be happy to be injected with vials of shit, AFTER, the innocents have had theirs.

And if one thinks that these mannequins will be injected with anything more than sugar water, there is a bridge for sale over the Arizona dessert.

The freak show from these demons continues, and most are all in with their fucking insanity.


Survey: 55% Of FDNY Members Don’t Want To Take COVID-19 Vaccine

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — FDNY employees are among the first groups that will be offered the coronavirus vaccine after hospital workers, and nursing home patients and staff.

But will they actually take it? One union survey says the majority of firefighters may not, CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported Sunday.

About a quarter of firefighters took the survey and 55% said they do not want to take the vaccine right now, while 45% do. – via

Folks, come on…we’re believing absolute insanity from demons.

It is easy, right? Stop believing in absolute nonsense. But so few can.


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Angels We Have Heard On High”, a traditional Christmas carol performed by the Christendom College Choir & Schola Gregoriana.


  1. You are correct: they will get a water solution, it will be called THE COVID 19 injection and the lower-end lowcows will be cheering each other on to take the jab then laugh it up at the pub. Afterwards when the real shit hits the fan there’ll be all kinds of propaganda to take the heat off of the criminals. The idiots will suffer and die and the Gates of Hell foundation and cronies will laugh and say, “didn’t we tell you it was going to be that easy?”

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