The wolves howl…the demons shriek – But the Dogs know

Tis the season…

The wolves howl, the demons shriek. 

The unwashed, apathetic’s, ignorant’s and lolcow’s continue their status of being kibble of our ‘rulers’….and they could care less.

Pokes of vials of battery acid in the form of a vaccine; cases, cases and more cases; lives lost, businesses shuttered – all is needed to keep the stench and hysteria from these fuckers going.

The sides are drawn – blue to the left and red to the right. Clutching pearls over which new government dickhead assumes the office of new ways to ream another pole up your ass, this is the all-consuming bullshit they want us obsessing about.

The bullshit barometer that most believe, is in uber mode.


Bullshit amplimeter 

Yet the real horror is there for any to see, if they might cast their gaze away from the buckets of toxic goo the government and corporate media shysters never tell you about.


25,000 dying from hunger today, who cares.

Screw the hungry…governments have pressing priorities to jab into our arms.

The innocents have been sold a bill of bullshit from these shysters – sadly, the innocent’s are going along with the fuckery from these charlatans – face diapers, social distancing, fearful of the unmasked smile, of human touch, and the vials of battery acid injected into us. 

Banning holiday celebrations with their own kin – banning decency, kindness and love – yes, it’s right and proper according to the pond scum.

I shall be berated for the following…I could give a fuck.  If you find family and relatives casting you into a fish bowl of government diarrhea because you won’t swallow the shit issued by these cocksucking assholes, consider them part of the demon brigade. It will make it easier to understand once you assume soul status as you depart this hell-hole.

And remember, the dogs know…they always do.

dogs (1)


Tonight’s musical offering:

Sinatra – “Mistletoe and Holly”


  1. “I shall be berated for the following…I could give a fuck. If you find family and relatives casting you into a fish bowl of government diarrhea because you won’t swallow the shit issued by these cocksucking assholes, consider them part of the demon brigade. It will make it easier to understand once you assume soul status as you depart this hell-hole.”

    You won’t be berated by me, Decker! I could not agree more! Those who willingly and gladly comply with this heinous crime against humanity, are as much my enemy as Gates, Fauci, the medical industry and the government!

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  2. well said Decker! Brilliant. Demon Brigade! I have had to distance myself completely from friends, family and coworkers who have joined the Covid Cult. The virus exists only in the mind of those who joined the cult! The mask wearers. The paranoid, The hypochondriacs. Those who worship the state as their god. They are indeed a demon hoard.

    Sons and Daughter of Darkness! The line has been drawn and those not awake to the nighmare will never ever be awakened to reality. They will go to their deaths, their permanent alteration of their body, mind and very essence, their spirit and soul re-written. . As I have read once, ‘they will beg for death but death will not find them’.

    The battery acid in the veins contains nano particles. machines racing through the blood stream. I am convinces the reason they need it to stay -70 degrees is to keep the machines from activating their program too soon. It must be kept dormant until injected into the blood stream where it warms up and makes a bee line for the brain. Self assembles and gets its microsoft program upgrade to rewrite the rest of the body. It will replace your natural immune system with a synthetic one that can be programmed from the 5G,6G,7G satellites and control grid. The person will no longer exist. Every cell replaced with a replica. A synthetic , a GMO. Genetically programmed organism. no humanity left. Cyborg. The human race as it exists will cease to exist. Whatever it once was or could be is torn apart and at the cellular level it will be bent and twisted to be a mutation.

    The human race will join the plants, the animals, the soil as being a Genetically Modified mutilation. If they survive the process that is.

    I just learned today in fact that my brother in law who died of cancer had undergone a treatment where they injected nano machines inside his body to ”fight ” the cancer. it tore the cancer apart and spread it to every cell in his body. The cancer was centered in point of his body. After the ”treatment” it spread to every inch of his body. it had the opposite affect. or did it? That might have been its program. Its design to see if it could replicate the cancer. whatever the truth was, it rewrote him and his immune system to the point his body and brain came apart. he could no longer move, speak, he could nto swallow, he could no longer walk, or even blink an eye. He did NOT have a stroke. It was the machine parts inside that cut him off. He was a mutation. his pain was uncontrollable even under hospice care and the strongest meds they had. He couldn’t even scream though you could tell by his eyes he wanted to. Stuck inside with machines tearing him apart inside. one cell at a time. rewriting him. He finally died and it was a mercy that he did. Whoever he was ceased to exist with the nano tech controlling and managing his cancer. He became someone his wife didn’t even want to know. I believe he must have been one of the first human trials of combining man/machine. it didn’t end well for him.

    That is the fate of the whole planet if they allow these Franstein’s to inject them with these nano particles. These dna rewriting vaccines. It won’t be pretty. Once activated the machines don’t shut off. I suspect they are still alive inside my brother in law in the coffin. consuming his body still. reprogramming. the body dies but does the machines? Those who created them and are using them in medicine know exactly what takes places. They couldn’t care less the results. Their goal has been to join man to the machine. The steps leading to that future utopia isn’t of concern to those driving it. The torture, the pain, the maiming is just a small sacrifice that they decide we must pay for ”advancement”….there is a way to stop it. one word is all it takes and the willingness to enforce it….NO!

    The symptoms the media allows people to know about with the vaccine are just the beginning of what one will endure if they take it. The media even tells people a lie….if you have symptoms they say…it means the vaccine is working….YES…IT IS…it is racing through your body rewriting you…yes…you will have symptoms…but no…they will not ‘go away in a day or two’….the tearing apart of your body to reprogram it to be whatever ”they” want will be painful and endless. I suspect the machine parts inside won’t allow a person to die…it will keep them alive! that is the newest upgrade for the new man. the new normal. the new world order. a person will be begging for death but death will not come.

    Spiders laying eggs in the brain making webs inside the body. That is what it will feel like to the person with the foreign material that is the nano machines inside remaking you in the image of whatever ‘mad scientist’ decided you should be. not in the image of a god or gods. the image of a man or a group of elite who are insane. the best of the MAN MADE! Rubber stamped with a patent written in your cells and blood stream. an ownership tag for whichever company injected you. your body owned by someone else. the person in control of your programs.

    The dna will be torn apart and a new sequence installed in it. that is the very nature of the rna vaccine. it breaks the cell and joins a new part to it. sounds like fun huh!! just like my brother in law screaming in pain soundlessly.

    It won’t matter to those already convinced by the covid cult leaders. They will do whatever they are told. even to self suffocating themselves and their children. The line has been drawn and those willing to go into the abyss will do so regardless of us attempting to warn of them of what is inside it. nothing we do or say now matter. only a handful will refuse and i am only one. The majority will not be swayed from drinking their koolaid. Left, right or center the fence has been removed and people have already made their choices which way they will go. The only thing left is to sit back and watch it happen. Sad as that may sound. That is where I am. i gave up on my family and prior friends. I cannot join them and they cannot join with me. it is too late. the final hour is here! Which will it be?

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    1. Mercy! I’m sorry to hear how your brother-in-law was tortured to death with the treatment. These demons! Thank you for sharing so that others might know. And thank for your usual brilliant comment.


  3. Thank you for tolerating my rants Decker and I too am on your side! I wish you were my neighbor we could stand back to back! I would be proud to have you as friend and ally!

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    1. Love your rants! And I too wish we were neighbors to stand back to back against these tyrants. But still, we are friends and allies, albeit miles and miles apart. Cheers!


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