The months of their scamdemic continues

The cornholio scamdemic continues without care or compassion of who or how many it lays to waste, unless you happen to be any number of cement heads and psychopath’s in government and corporate media.

Then, you have the inside track and can dictate how the cornholio behaves after communing with it under florescent lighting in gray and moldy government offices, scouring over failed and bullshit statistics. You’re magnificent and even admired by lolcow’s and willful ignorant’s for telling them and then ordering the unwashed how to live.

Screw your elderly in assisted living facilities…you aren’t allowed to see them. Screw your children, masks of oxygen depravation must be worn by these truly innocent souls because government fucktards say it must be so.  Bars closing by 10:00 pm, gatherings limited to six or less, theatre’s shuttered, holidays cancelled, symphonies annihilated, live music banned – beauty and love cancelled, and we’re all fine with it.

All hail the dickheads!

And in case you haven’t heard, the cornholio is replicating faster than bunnies. Turn on any mainstream media shitf**kery and you have the pleasure of watching drones of humans, clutching pearls, and parroting the fear porn they’ve been paid off to spout.

And how do we know of the mighty cornholio replication? Why we have faulty and bullshit cornholio tests that tell us so:

The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How to Mislead All Humanity Into Accepting Societal Lock-downs – Authored by Dr. Pascal Sacré via,

But it’s a win-win for the charlatans, as they reap their rewards off our misery.

Roll up your sleeves:

General in charge of COVID vaccine distribution worries many Americans won’t take it – via

The Army general supervising the distribution of maybe the most important medicine in the nation’s history worries that many Americans may not take it. General Gustave Perna is the veteran Army supply officer tasked by the president to supervise the massive distribution of COVID vaccine once it’s FDA approved. He speaks to David Martin and cameras record the moving parts of his critical mission dubbed “Operation Warp Speed” for a 60 Minutes report to be broadcast Sunday, November 8, at 7:30 p.m. ET and 7 p.m. PT on CBS.   

General Perna oversees the planning to distribute doses of vaccine to 300 million Americans, a process that includes drug companies, manufacturing plants, express delivery companies, the creation of syringe kits, and “Tiberius,” a custom computer program that will track the whole endeavor. It’s already cost $12 billion and more will be spent down the line, estimates the general. And if the process breaks down, “I hold myself 100% personally accountable to that end,” he tells Martin.  

Stop for just a second and think. I know it’s difficult, for we are all bombarded with 24/7 outhouse shit. Read the 2nd paragraph above and think that all this asshole holds himself personally accountable to is bringing in the juice of corporate and pharmaceutical insanity, sickness and death.

There are dickheads, and then there are the true believers in the occult.

Sadly, the unwashed follow the latter.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Sting – “Seven Days”


  1. funny they claim there are 300 millions doses of poison for the citizen slaves….there are supposed to be over 330 million people on this land mass called America. so where are the other 30 million….oh yeah…they are your masters…your rulers…your military….your corporates and fat cats…rich slobs that intend to give the americans the jim jones koolaid in the vein…direct hit….mass murder….except it will indeed be just like jim jones cult….suicide….because people will volunteer for it…they will hand their children over for it…willingly….oh yes…

    he is afraid americans won’t take it…i am one of them!! i do not fear death like they do….they will have to kill me and then they don’t need that extra dose…

    does anyone see anything wrong with the military injecting people?? never happened before in the history of the united states that the military is being used to force a medical procedure on people no matter what happens to the hapless victim of the corporate chemical koolaid being injected.

    a friend of mine from canada says the native americans up there call it ‘Diablo’s poison’ the devil’s vaccine…they tell their people not to take it!! Don’t do it they say….it is the Devil’s creation to join you too him! The Diablo vaccine…very fitting.

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