Pain – Their constant offering – The months of their scamdemdic

Pain – the constant staple of failure, is the alluring temptress that nearly all willful ignorant’s and apathetic’s subscribe to. 

And with their addiction to pain in this house of sadness, the gods of mayhem supply ample amounts of misery for the lolcow’s to latch onto to keep their addiction juiced.

One of the first gifts bestowed to humans that succumbs to atrophy in this modern, woke era is the gift of critical thinking.  How else to explain how homo sapiens have come to bend the knee to the church of the cornholio, and don the humiliating face diaper, a cloth, a covering comprised of various chemical f**keries to restrict one’s oxygen intact. For who needs oxygen, right?

Such is the insanity we believe in, issued by government cement heads sweating out long days under florescent lighting, with their output of rules, mandates, suggestions and other shitf**kery that equates to the nastiness and vile exported into the local outhouse.

Lamentations from the heavens can be heard, as signs of life are minimal here on terra firma.

Pulmonary Specialist Speaks Out On the Health Risks of Wearing Masks & The Lies of Surrounding COVID-19 – via

Oh bejesus, why does this shitposting writer provide links that one has to endure the drudgery of listening to?

Oh, okay. Let’s make it easier…how about just clicking on any of the links below, and reading:

5 NIH studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction in blood oxygen level: via

Cloth Mask Study

Other Mask Studies:

NO!  This is all too much.

Then how about just a couple of paragraphs about the poisoning masks government and media arseholes cheerlead us all to wear:

The blue typical mask depicted in the photograph contain Teflon and other chemicals. A Facebook friend reminds us: 1. Masks are “sterilized” with Ethylene Oxide — a known carcinogen. Many teachers in various school boards have been experiencing significant symptoms as a direct result of the effects of this chemical. 2. The masks contain (not sprayed with) PTFE which makes up Teflon along with other chemicals. I found and have posted the US patent to allow manufacturers to use PTFE as a filter in commercial masks… “breathing these for extended periods can lead to lung cancer.”

Don’t agree? Argue with the experts at OSHA, which is the main US agency, i.e., its Occupational Health & Safety Agency. These masks are meant to be worn only for short periods, like say if you’re sanding a table for an hour and don’t want to inhale sawdust. They don’t do anything whatsoever to stop the spread of any virus, and the emerging science of virology now understands that viruses aren’t even passed person to person. I know that sounds incredible, but it’s the case that the virus is in the air, you breath it in, there’s no way to prevent that short of living in an oxygen tent, and if you have a strong immune system you’ll be fine, and if you have a weak immune system you may have to deal with the effects of your immune system working to restore balance within your metabolism – via more)

Screw all this.

Let us all suck our thumbs and attend to our toe jam as we embrace whatever stench these demons offer up.

For we must allow 15 days to flatten the curve that have turned into 8 months – we must wear the masks of oxygen depravation; we must social distance ourselves from the smiles, touch and embrace of another human, and we must continue to listen to these shysters, who are laying to waste our lives, and those whom we love.

“I dread the events of the future, not in themselves but in their results.” ― Edgar Allen Poe


Tonight’s musical offering:

Derek And The Dominos (Eric Clapton) – ‘Bell Bottom Blues’ ( studio version)

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

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