Laughing their arses off – The months of their scamdemic

Even a small spanking on the ass isn’t experienced by the cement heads, psychopath’s, liars and dopes in government and corporate media, with their relentless, cornholio fear porn presented each day and night, as the unwashed, bleary-eyed, and their brains in permanent mind-fog, ready to take their domination on all fours, continue to assume the position.

The gods of shitf**kery are laughing their non-existent arses off, delighted that the universal comedy of watching human souls commune even more deeply with the tank of their lives that the demons not only planned, but have implemented, continues before their very eyes.

My dear Mum, 87 years old, with heart problems, 3 strokes and dementia, needs to undergo implementation of a stint into a vein to hopefully open up blockage. But she can only undergo the surgery if she first tests negative for the mighty cornholio. If she tests positive, well, no soup for her. Back to the assisted living facility to deal with these demons’ evil.

Collectively, we are allowing the absolute filth of humanity to dictate our lives.  No news there.  Humanity has enjoyed its ass reaming for thousands of years.

We, in the modern era, are continuing the tradition. Who knew that endless anal beatings were what the populace craved.

Nearly two months after COVID spike began, few Midwestern hospital facing feared surge of patients – via – October 30, 2020

In Midwest, nearly eight weeks of spiking cases haven’t overwhelmed hospitals

Concerns about a crush of COVID patients were raised anew in early September, when many Midwestern states began seeing significant rises in the numbers of confirmed coronavirus infections. 

Yet state-level data indicate that, with the exception of some facilities, most hospitals in that region remain below capacity, even as average COVID cases have soared far above the numbers seen over the summer. 

In Iowa, for instance, the state has around 3,100 hospital beds available, with a little over 60% of statewide capacity currently being utilized. Yet the state’s coronavirus dashboard says just 12% of total statewide inpatients — 564 as of Wednesday afternoon — were infected with COVID-19, meaning COVID inpatients could theoretically triple there without overwhelming state capacity.(read more)

Believing in the whatever mainstream news misery is presented each day leads to the offing of more brain cells, to the point where we can’t even recognize the annihilation of our lives.

Faceless parents, fearsome world: Covid-19 restictions enact sinister form of child abuse that may destroy entire generation – by Helen Buyniski – via

Draconian Covid-19 control measures are depriving children of the social contact they need to develop mentally and physically into functional adults. Even so, we are told these restrictions protect the vulnerable.

Experts have acknowledged that young children returning to in-person classes after a semester or more of lockdowns and isolation will be playing academic catch-up. However, the literature on education’s “New Normal” is noticeably light on the psychological ramifications, especially for the group most severely impacted by these measures: very young children and infants whom the Covid-19 response may have barred from reaching critical developmental milestones. Are these kids to be sacrificed on the altar of the Great Reset?

After all, it isn’t uneducated mommy-bloggers gaslighting parents into believing they can raise a normal healthy child in the bubble-like isolation prescribed by most of the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. No less than Harvard University has encouraged parents to hold “virtual playdates” for their kids, as if Skype and Zoom are valid alternatives for the critical immunity-building practice of playing outside in the dirt and swapping germs with other kids.

The university also suggests teachers and parents “incentivize” mask-wearing in order to “reinforce the social norm” – despite limited  evidence for health benefits and the still-unresolved issue of whether children are even at risk from the novel coronavirus. While there is conflictingevidence on whether masks actually reduce viral transmission, they do prevent children (and adults, for that matter) from reading each others’ facial expressions, a disaster for very young kids still learning nonverbal social cues. (read more)

Mother of God…the shitf**kery of us all is so easy to see, that we refuse to see.


Tonight’s musical offering:

“I’ve Got You Under My Skin” –  Sinatra at the Sands


  1. Went out to the buffet with a friend that’s visiting from Puerto Rico. We meet outside give a quick hug – we haven’t seen each other in months, you see. She puts her mask on, and we all go inside. The wife, granddaughter and my friend all wearing masks – – I’m not.
    I pay, we go to our table, and each in turn go up and get our food. Many people are wearing masks (except when eating), I count maybe 15 in the whole place that aren’t. My friend wears hers the whole time we are there – except when eating (obviously). My wife and granddaughter took theirs off when we got to the table.
    Anyways – after dinner my friend proceeds to put her mask back on and we leave. As soon as we are out the door – she removes her mask.
    We hug again and each go our seperated ways.

    My friend plays the game very well – i understand they are pretty durn strict in Puerto Rico and even though she has been here for a few weeks now… she is still playing.
    I shake my head. Sadly, some people are gonna do what their told. ***sigh

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