Lives of permission – the months of their scamdemic

Rewards for living amongst cement heads running government and ruining lives is a distinct pleasure this shitposting writer experiences.

The gods of pain and misery in this house of pain actually feel pity that so many lolcows have believed the outhouse of shit from government assholes, with so little self respect and dignity for their lives and those of their loved ones, that the gods have actually hurled themselves into the lake Gehenna, knowing their job here is complete.

The dopes in government here have had their latest conclave, where they throw darts at the dartboard of jive shitf**kery that birth further lamentations upon the unwashed. But only quiet lamentations among the annihilated can be heard, lest the sheeple snitches cast a stink eye in their direction.

Cornholio cases are surging, so we’re told, based on ‘God knows what’ data.

The tests for mighty cornholio are based on the dubious PCR tests that the government shitheads use to ‘justify’ further beatings of the populace. 

Here in this shitcity, the local government psychopath’s are implementing a ‘3rd level’ of lockdowns. Reduced capacity at retail outlets, restaurants, gyms, and other necessary businesses have been capped at 25% capacity. For the cornholio knows it can only infect when capacity is above 25%. How businesses are expected to survive with 25% capacity is the magic trick these cement heads are hoping, or rather knowing, the unwashed will swallow.

Theaters, the symphony, live music have already shuttered for the rest of the year, for these business owners believe deeply what these government shysters pull out of their arse each day, and to hell with what their no-longer-employed employees are experiencing.  

I not allowed to see my 87 year old mum (as many of you can’t see your’s) living in an assisted living facility because these dickheads have communed with the cornholio, and have been told that she and those of her age group, are prime targets of infestation – thus their isolation and annihilation must be enforced.

Screw seeing her family, screw her mental state, and further… screw everything that is good, that is kind, that is love…for in the age of the cornholio, destruction of as many lives as possible is paramount, and the government dickheads bring it into fruition, with hardly a word or action of protest from those lives being decimated and ruined.

Evidently, this is what it comes to. The destruction of all life, approved by our own ignorance, apathy and stupidity.

“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. “One word of truth outweighs the world.” ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

Is that Mask Giving You Lung Cancer?….It’s Criminal to Force Children to Wear Masks all Day – via


Tonight’s musical offering – a time far better than where we are

Frank Sinatra – “The Way You Look Tonight” – (headphones on and volume at maximum, for pure sensory delight, charm and jazz)

Photo by Kace Rodriguez on Unsplash


  1. And as you know, these sold-out stooges of the inbred vermin will continue to do this until we stand up and say NO MORE! And by we, I mean the sheep to the slaughter who go merrily along with all of this despotic bullshit.

    I am so sorry you are, now, going through this with your mother, after your father and brother. I can’t imagine how hard this has been for you.

    I find myself consumed by hate and rage almost every day now. And my friends tell me, “You worry too much! This will all pass in time!” And all I can do is immediately walk away from them, for good! Some thing has changed, and if a person, even those I have known and loved, are on the wrong side of this, then I can no longer be associated with them. And the pathetic thing is, I am not even troubled by this.

    It’s all so insane!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, DB…and for your brilliant thoughts as well. Riche Allen, the UK podcaster, said on his show the other day that he too was finding himself starting to hate the sheeple who refuse to see this as it and just blindly continue to follow these demons. I’m about the same, and like you, I too just immediately walk away. It’s all I can do to keep my head from exploding on the spot Cheers!

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      1. Thank you for your understanding! We are basically, on our own, all of us who see this heinous lie for what it is! So in this sense, we are not alone.

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  2. My neighbor’s father died. He was in a nursing home and the family was prohibited from visting him. He had dementia and didn’t know who he was most of the time. He did not have any medical condition that warranted medicines being forced on him but forced they did. The nurses at the nursing home overdosed him with pain killers which he didn’t need. He did not have any condition that would warrant pain killers. His death certificate signed by the doctor of the nursing home of course shows a ‘covid’ death. The family is outraged because they know better! He was murdered by the nursing home and they labeled it as covid so they get paid 40k dollars in federal dollars because he was ‘covid’.

    A lie that generates a huge amount of money for a small group of people who follow orders and have tossed out their ethics and morals. My neighbors father never even had a common cold. They did keep tabs on him as best they could but they are not allowed inside to prove anything but they are convinced he was killed by the nursing home so they could gain another win fall of cash to fall in their coffers. This poor man, and poor he was. Was worth more dead then alive.

    In the media, the state, the corporates all claim to care about your health and well being except they ask you to give up your life, the lives of your family and your children. Stop living! Because you ”MIGHT” DIE! if you catch a cold. Life has to end because of the insanity of some? really? Give up everything you have, your job, your stores, your life , your joys, your enjoyments, your friends, your family everything that makes life worth living….give it up they say…..for a maybe! Give it up because Death exists and you might be the next to have your card stamped…I would rather take my chances with any disease even the worst illness and still have a life outside…still have my liberty…but no…the people of the WORLD have handed off their life, their soul, everything they were and could be and embraced an open air prison camp a totalitarian world of total enslavement because they MIGHT GET SICK SOMEDAY IF THEY DON’T….

    The world is full of people who died already they just haven’t quit moving….They lost their souls. they gave up their humanity. they kindness, their empathy. Gave it all away…..because death might visit them one day!

    Death is a part of life. no one gets out alive. it isn’t worth ending your life prematurely because you fear death? you fear the sniffles? fear life in all its glory and choose to give it up so you can live in a prison cell? committing suicide day by day wearing a muzzle, a face diaper? how does that make sense….people are willing to commit suicide yet are afraid of death to the point they hide in a closet and give up whatever life they had because they are afraid? nurses and doctors willing to kill people so they can gain a bigger winfall? oh yes. they follow procedures regardless of the need for them and regardless if they do harm. they will do it. because they are not human anymore they gave it up. just like the mask wearers. they gave up their humanity willingly. They gave up their life!

    They surrendered without a fight. they signaled their obedience to ANYONE who claims authority. no matter who horrible or evil the person is they gave their life to they still do it. Worse, they hand off their children as well. no resistance. no fight. none. total obedience! When the jab comes that will alter their dna permanently and turn them into a Bill Gates gmo human. They will do it. They will fight then and only then to be the first in line. it will look like Black Friday with the tens of thousands. millions body slamming each other to be the first to get altered! To become the first Borg. Oh yes. They will do it. and like the Jim Jones Cult, They will make their children drink the koolaid first. Watch them change before their eyes and then give over themselves to the new world order of human machines. owned biological organisms complete with patents claiming who their owner will be. I suspect Bill Gates and his foundation will have the ownership tag and patent over their lives from that moment forward.

    all because of fear….brain washed fear.

    the world of the insane led by evil beyond naming. There seems to be no name for what is taking place. no name for those driving it. nothing seems evil enough in the language to apply a label to it. to the beasts in human clothing though it is an insult to ‘beasts’ to be attached to these human monsters driving the human race off the cliff into insane assylum.

    I can only stand back and watch! I cannot and will not join it. I will however watch them go to their slaughter. wave goodbye as they won’t be coming back.

    Thank you for tolerating my rants Decker. I wish you didn’t have to be where you are. could get out but where can a person go these days? it is world-wide….there is no safe place. no where to run. no place to escape too. the entire world has joined the insane with only a handful of exceptions. 99.999% are jumping into that hole like that picture you sometimes put up. running to jump in it except now they are masked.

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