Bullshittery and Jive – The months of their Scams

Being punched in the crotch is the welcomed way to start the day, get through the day, and end the day by the lolcow’s, apathetic’s and willful ignorant’s.

Cancellations of holidays and holy days by shyster dickheads in government are accepted as ‘what we have to do’ in order to flatten the curve, eradicate the cornholio, permanently hide smiles, look upon as another human as a petri dish or just f**k everyone’s lives as much as possible until the mighty cornholio poke in the arm, with the equivalent of battery acid, arrives that will probably eradicate further lives.

Bullshittery and jive is all that government and media arseholes offer up each day. Sadly, that is the unwashed’s preferred diet.

Rather than being concerned with a smorgasbord of shitf**kery of their health, both present and future, at the hands of these demons….

The unwashed shrug their shoulders and share in the glee that the gods of mayhem are slapping each others asses over, with the f**kery that is about to be unleashed upon the unwashed.

No f**ks are given.

Our elderly and dying relatives locked up at assisted living facilities, where no visitors are allowed.

Relatives, drinking deeply of the cornholio punch, ban their own children and grandchildren from visits, orgasming with the fear porn from the mainstream media. 

Sports venues fill empty seats with cardboard cut-outs of not real people, and this is the accepted norm.

Face diapers where one gets to experience the joys of oxygen depravation and inhaling the carbon dioxide they just exhaled – this, if one just watches the latest government and corporate bullshit ads, is cool and normal.

But as Halloween approaches, the gods of empathy attempt to show us all what further shitf**kery awaits the unwashed:]

Hillary Clinton: I was ‘born’ to handle the Coronavirus Pandemic: – via bretibart.com

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suggested that she frequently thought about how she would have handled the coronavirus pandemic better than Donald Trump.

Clinton commented about the issue during an interview with New York Times opinion writer Kara Swisher, previewed for Axios on Sunday.

Swisher asked Clinton if she felt that a woman president would have handled the virus better.

“I have no doubt, especially if it were me,” she replied. “I have no doubt. I mean, I was born for that.”

Oh, okay!

Truer words have never been spoken. A deranged nutjob to handle the oral suppository of insanity deposited down our throats. Sure…why not!  Look at all we’ve accepted from these hyena’s that have turned most of us into stark, raving lunatics.


Tonight’s musical offering:

10 inches of snow overnight here at the Asylum – it is late Autumn, and why not more Christmas music, as these f**kers will ban Christmas, if we obey:

Christmas Songs: JINGLE BELLS by James Pierpont – Wynton Marsalis band and The Lincoln Center Classical Jazz Orchestra 


  1. 10 inches of snow, holy smokes! Cuddle up tight with your sweetheart! (And keep reminding me I need to stop bitching about our weather terrorism here in the south—Hubby in process of 3rd hurricane evac at work this season right now—that snow would be worse.)

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