Oops! – The Months of their Scamdemic

Causing fear and alarm among the unwashed is one of the top requirements to enter one of the Nine Circles of Hell.

Others, believing in whatever imagined or unreal declarations from the insane – whether they reside in your own mind, or come from the minds who will have a permanent condo in Gehenna, is a flip of the coin of where you might end up.

It is now accepted fact that Dante didn’t pen the atrocities to be experienced in the tenth circle of Hell because he and the gods of death and destruction had a pact that he would die centuries before the annihilation of all sanity in this woke world and thus, could not envision the ultimate shitf**kery of humanity.

But total and complete shitf**kery oozes from pores and orifices of future inhabitants in the tenth circle of Hell. What awaits the putrid souls marching into the tenth circle?

Hmmm, maybe just ETERNAL silence, experienced by themselves and themselves only.

Read and weep of the wreckage coming to your neighborhood:

COVID Police Crash 10-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party After Neighbors Snitch on Family – via summitnews.com

Mother placed on watchlist after being grassed up.

Police in Scotland turned up at a 10-year-old girl’s birthday party after a neighbor snitched on her family for not following coronavirus social distancing rules.

Yes, really.

Mum Leanne Macdonald said she deliberately spaced out visits by relatives so as not to violate Scotland’s strict COVID-19 regulations.

But this didn’t stop her neighbor from snitching on her and two uniformed police officers entering the home to warn her she was now on “alert” and would be charged and fined if she broke the rules again.

“I could not believe it. They came to the door and told me I had been reported for having people in my house,” she told the Daily Record.

“So the police can come in my house, but my family can’t?” asked Macdonald. – (read more)


But no matter what manure the apathetic’s believe in with the dawn of each new day, God, Mother Earth or the Committee of Dolphins who created this magnificence, attempt to show us the way out – and that is, calling BULLSHIT to the demons proclamations and coming to an understanding that they can stop this insanity. “NO” is a powerful world. Sadly, it’s only used when one is asked to consider facts.

Faulty Covid-19 PCR Testing Procedure Triggers False Positives: Ontario MP Randy Hillier – via globalresearch.ca

Randy Hillier, (Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston) questioned the Premier on concerns being raised all over the world about the reliability of PCR tests for COVID.

“We know high false positive rates are due to high CTs (cycle thresholds) and Canadian and world experts agree it should not be more than 25 cycles. Yet according to the Journal of Virology, Ontario labs are testing samples at 38-45 cycles. Is our testing creating both a false understanding of risk as well as false positives?” Hillier asked the Premier.

Responding for the Premier, Minister of Health Christine Elliott seemed to acknowledge the problem, and simply implied that faulty testing was better than no testing. (read more)

No polls, studies or other government and media diarrhea have been provided that depicts what happens after our final breath is taken here on terra firma, where we just might be asked to account for all we did, or didn’t do.

It seems that the unwashed’s only defense might be, when the time comes as their last breath is taken, will be…OOPS!

“To be thoroughly conversant with Man’s heart, is to take our final lesson in the iron-clasped volume of Despair” ― Edgar Allan Poe


Tonight’s musical offering:

P. Dukas –  “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”


  1. PCR tests don’t even test for the virus. The creator of the test has made that clear. All it does is amplify genetic code. So, people are testing positive for having genetic code. From that point of view, we are ALL “infected.” And, TPTB KNOW this.

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