The head of the rotted fish – the months of their scamdemic


Welcome to the glue factory, where bones and ligaments of the ignorant’s and apathetic’s are ground up for government dickheads and media slime to consume.

And consume in uber fashion they do, laughing at the lolcow’s continued belief and acceptance of their shitf**kery:

BUSTED on Hot Mic: PA Gov. Wolf and Elected Crony Laughing About Masks as ‘Political Theater’ – via – BY MEGAN FOX

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and Representative Wendy Ullman (D-Bad People) were caught on a hot mic giggling about the “political theater” they were about to partake in at a press conference. Wolf is heard telling Ullman he’s going to take off his mask to speak while Ullman responds that she’s going to keep hers on for the cameras to make sure people see her in it. “I’m waiting so we can do a little political theater,” she says, laughing. “So it’s on camera!”

In other words, it’s all a game and you’re the butt of the joke. Enjoy this sh*tshow while I contemplate throwing a brick through a window somewhere.

All hail the dickheads! After all, we continue to do so each time we don the masks of oxygen depravation.

But their hijinks and mandated bullshit has consequences:

Disney to lay off 28,000 employees as coronavirus slams its them park business – via

Utter blasphemy. It’s not the cornholio that has slammed the park business…it’s the government hyena’s orders and mandates (not laws) from the scamdemic that have slammed the innocents into unemployment.

Sadly, the unwashed continue to bathe in the vaudeville act, where the heads of rotted fish “debate” who is best suited to usher in the continued insanity and our ultimate tank for the next four years.

Depressingly, Americans drink deeply and give zero fucks.

Ass-kickings abound.  The lolcow’s readily produce their backsides.

Mandatory Mask Wearing Is Silent Terrorism Meant for Psychological Submission:

“If you are too weak to give yourselves your own law, then a tyrant shall lay his yoke upon you and say:” Obey! Clench your teeth and obey!” “And all good and evil shall be drowned in obedience to him.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

by: Gary D. Barnett

Since when is depriving the body and mind of oxygen, and breathing in expelled carbon dioxide (CO2) good for the health of humans?

Since when is wearing a partial face covering that is multiple times more porous than can protect against any virus penetration helpful?

Since when is hiding all expression from others not psychologically damaging?

Since when is it legitimate and not hypocritical for the state to outlaw Muslim women from wearing head and face coverings that are part of their culture, and in the same breath force all Americans to cover their faces with a mask?

Since when does any politician have any right to dictate to an entire population that they have to wear masks or any other type of clothing?

Since when in this day and age did absolute slavery of all become a mainstay of American society?

Forced mask wearing due to political control over people is a major aspect of the tyrannical response to this fraudulent virus ‘pandemic.’ (read more)


Yesterday, my family and many others, put my brother to rest, who died an early death at 57 years old.

I don’t bring this up for condolences, only as testament that, indeed, life can be very short, and allowing government and media shysters, who are complete fucking nutjobs, even by the standards of Gehenna, to dictate what our lives should be about and adhere to, is insanity!


Tonight’s musical offering:

As my brother was a drummer, and a talented one in many bands locally and regionally, Ringo Starr was one of his favorites…and so…

The Beatles – Abbey Road Medley “Restored” Version


  1. We’re in amazing times and many of the lolcows are actually enjoying wallowing in their shit! I went in a restaurant recently and the hostess was saying something to me through her mask. I couldn’t understand so I said, “Sorry, but I don’t understand people who insist on trying to communicate to me through face diapers.” Was she pissed? Relieved? Who knows, no face recognition. She just motioned to a waitress – not wearing the diaper – to show me to a table… It’s Canada here so the diapers are not (yet) mandatory although the box stores are trying hard to make it so. When you tell them to stick their rules where the sun don’t shine, and there is no actual law to back up their demands, it’s having some effect. Walmart began enforcing diapers and after a lot of negative reaction ended up just putting a pile of diapers on a table hear the entrance and leaving it to the customers to choose. I thought of spraying cat piss on the pile… Super store announced mandatory diaper wearing but didn’t attempt to enforce it – too many people walked away and there are plenty other stores available that do not ask for diaper wearing. The story so far…

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