The caravan of clowns – The days of their scamdemic

The caravan of clowns has, what seems to be, an endless supply of misfits, shysters, psychopath’s and cement heads that are brought on to the airwaves to discuss ways you might improve your situation that’s been decimated by these same hyenas, if only you might suspend your critical thinking enough not to understand that you’re watching talking turds telling you how to live your life…but also, giving you some juicy investment tips.

Maybe this all is a supreme joke that God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins who gave us this vaudeville concocted one night, in a bar, late at night, being completely inebriated. There’s really not an alternative explanation, as the lives of innocents across this rock have been turned into an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ with rules, edicts, mandates that you must follow, but they don’t have to. Would a loving Creator allow such shyte? This shitposting writer’s small mind doesn’t have the answer.

But clutch tightly on your pearls, or fill a big bowl of popcorn boys and girls, and read of supreme dumbf**kery from one of the brightest of the cement heads from the caravan of clowns:

Google’s Erick Schmidt Tells How YOU can get RICH in the COVID Economy – via – by David Knight

Eric Schmidt, the former head of Google, has a hot investment tip for you.  Schmidt is saying the virus will be with us in one form or another for the rest of our lives, and investing in surveillance test is going to be VERY good business.

Schmidt said in an interview with CNBC,  “There are plenty of states that don’t have mask rules that are effective, that’s idiotic, that’s unsafe, and it’s leading to people’s deaths.  That needs to get addressed.”  Schmidt continues,  “The real failure here is that we did a multi-trillion-dollar bailout in March, April, May, and yet in those trillions of dollars we did not put in place the necessary structures to do rapid testing.  There’s plenty of technology that allows for rapid testing, and with rapid testing, corporations could open and people could go to work.”

Schmidt was asked if investing in “surveillance testing” was a safe longterm investment or if there is any possibility of this going away.  Schmidt calmed the fears of potential investors, assuring them that this virus/lockdown is here to stay, saying,  “The virus will be with us in one form or another for the rest of our lives, hopefully under control just like the flu.  We will need forms of testing to make sure we keep it under control.  The investment in such a thing is not only patriotic and good for humanity, and a good moral thing to do, but it’s going to be a very good business.”

The groom of the stool are the duties awaiting this piece of swine in the nether world.

But all hail this dickheads, and he and his brethren, as they concoct ways to ensure your annihilation and those of your loved ones, as you bitch on about those not wearing their masks of oxygen depravation:

Look what’s in store for you…

Mayhem in Melbourne

On August 2, lockdown measures were implemented in Melbourne, Australia, that were so draconian that Australian news commentator Alan Jones said on Sky News: “People are entitled to think there is an ‘agenda to destroy western society.'”

The gist of an August 13th article on the Melbourne lockdown is captured in the title: “Australian Police Go FULL NAZI, Smashing in Windows of Civilian Cars Just Because Passengers Wouldn’t Give Details About Where They Were Going.”

Another article with an arresting title was by Guy Burchell in the August 7th Australian National Review: “Melbourne Cops May Now Enter Homes Without a Warrant, After 11 People Die of COVID — Australia, This Is Madness, Not Democracy.” Burchell wrote that only 147 people had lost their lives to coronavirus in Victoria (the Australian state of which Melbourne is the capital), a very low death rate compared to other countries. The ramped up lockdown measures were triggered by an uptick in cases due to ramped up testing and 11 additional deaths, all of them in nursing homes (where lockdown measures would actually have little effect). The new rules include a six week curfew from 8 PM to 5 AM, with residents allowed to leave home outside those curfew hours only to shop for food and essential items (one household member only), and for caregiving, work and exercise (limited to one hour).

“But the piece de resistance,” writes Burchell, “has to be that now police officers can enter homes with neither a warrant nor permission. This is an astonishing violation of civil liberties…. Deaths of this kind are not normally cause for government action, let alone the effective house arrest of an entire city.” He quoted Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews, who told Victorians, “there is literally no reason for you to leave your home and if you were to leave your home and not be found there, you will have a very difficult time convincing Victoria police that you have a lawful reason.” – From Lockdown to Police State: The ‘Great Reset’ Rolls Out –

If you think you’re hip, educated, and of woke belief in the ‘tome of the day’ from these fuckers that will provide an out for you and your loved ones, where you will be given a pass on having a poke in the arm of the battery acid they want to inject into you, your loved ones and your children, to combat the mighty, mysterious and bullshit virus…think quickly – how will you escape such shitf**kery from these demons?

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
― Voltaire, Questions sur les Miracles à M. Claparede, Professeur de Théologie à Genève, par un Proposant: Ou Extrait de Diverses Lettres de M. de Voltair


Tonight’s musical offering:

“I Am Waiting” – The Rolling Stones

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash


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