The Next 6 foot Installment – Who in the F**k Are These Guys and Why Do We Continue to Listen to Them?

In another installment of, who in the f**k are these guys and why do we continue to listen to them, the unwashed continue to take continuous steps in dog shit that they’ll never be able to clean from the prehistoric etchings in their unkept foot.

Fidget with your mask of shame constantly; scoot around another unwashed heathen allowed out of their home prison cells to shop for food; marvel at the hazmat suit your barber dons to clip your curls; spray chemicals upon the curbside pick-up you just snatched from the unclean clerk handing essential items that were probably personally licked by the unclean – the lockdown, semi-lockdown, phase 1 of the re-opening all have the same rancid smell of shit.

Consequences from the overlord dickheads’ good intentions of laying to waste the economy because of a virus/flu/cold apparently could only be realized in the newly discovered parallel universe where time flows backwards:

Record High Grocery Prices as Farmers Smash Eggs & Dump Milk – via Source:

By Mac Slavo

Food prices have soared in recent weeks while at the same time, farmers are smashing eggs and dumping out milk. Farmers are wasting more food than ever while most Americans are feeling a pinch at the grocery store.

The power-hungry elitists have done their job.  The wealthy will get to eat while the poor, who were forced out of work will have to just “figure it out.” A lot of Americans will soon be eating a lot less. Grocery prices spiked by the largest amount in nearly 50 years last month because of the draconian shutdown of most the economy, including food facilities. There is now much more demand there is supply, therefore, food will go to those who can afford to buy it.

But the gods of f**kery sometimes shit equally upon the have’s, the sort of have’s and those who haven’t a clue.

For look, boys and girls, of the glorious dining experience that awaits those who might have the cash or enough credit card limit to experience food porn once the demons allow restaurants to open in NYC (like that’s ever going to happen):

When restaurants in New York City finally reopen, diners will notice a lot of changes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Customers can expect facemasks, dividers between tables, and all sorts of other changes to make sure the eating experience is as safe as possible.

The Brooklyn Chop House in the Financial District is even going to wrap silverware and place settings in plastic wrap.

When they enter the dining room, patrons will go through an ultraviolet thermal body scanner.

“The ultraviolet kills anything that’s on your clothing,” owner Stratis Morfogen says.

The machine will take the guest’s temperature and the restaurant plans to deny entry for anyone who reads 99.7 or higher.  – via

What a pleasant dining experience. It goes along with all the other experiences these government dickheads offer the unclean – total shit.

And so, as the deranged attempt to sanitize all life beyond recognition, it’s good to take a gander back to the sloppy shit from the geniuses of yesteryear.

This shitposting writer is somewhat obsessed with the clean, but is a bit mesmerized with those not so obsessed:

Beethoven’s personality, comportment, and hygiene left a lot to be desired, judging from some of the quotes about him. “As a young man, Beethoven was frank to the point of rudeness. Headstrong and proud, he was never willing to conform in his behaviour…”

Of course, being desperately alone and beaten by your alcoholic father for much of your childhood might do that to you. Another revealing comment came from a visitor to Beethoven’s home:

“Picture to yourself the dirtiest, most disorderly place imaginable – blotches of moisture covered the ceiling, an oldish grand piano, on which dust disputed the place with various pieces of engraved and manuscript music; under the piano (I do not exaggerate) an unemptied pot de nuit; … the chairs, mostly cane-seated, were covered with plates bearing the remains of last night’s supper and with wearing apparel etc.”

Beethoven seems anything but a smooth sophisticate:

“Beethoven was most awkward and bungling in his behavior; his clumsy movements lacked all grace. He rarely picked up anything without dropping or breaking it… Everything was knocked over, soiled, or destroyed. How he ever managed to shave himself at all remains difficult to understand, even considering the frequent cuts on his cheeks. – He never learned to dance in time with the music.”  –  via

And yet, what could a germ-ridden, virus infested, total infestation of filth produce? The most glorious and heavenly music every created.


Beethoven Symphony No. 9 – Mvt. 3 – Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra



  1. more propaganda from the mainstream news repeaters. ”Farmers are wasting food”…”wasting? ” as if they have a choice? the federal and state governments prohibit sales directly to the customer in most states of raw milk. it is illegal! They force farmers to dump the milk and the mainstream says the farmer is ”wasting it”!! What a bunch of b.s…It is again the government goons that make it happen. It is also illegal to sell eggs directly to the consumer in many places. illegal to sell most food and food products in fact. without the 3rd party cut that is! It is illegal for the farmer to sell cuts of beef to the consumer without a license that costs too much and demands too much in information to be worth doing. I cannot process a beef and sell steaks to the consumer. Illegal without the stamp approval by the state. The masters of human race. They are indeed the owners of the species. Just look at what they can or have done to people!

    The farmer doesn’t earn much for his milk or eggs…the 3rd party does and so does the store! Then there is the contracts the farmer signs or is forced to sign if he wants to sell what he grows. The contract goes to the milk plants that pasturize and homogonize and otherwise taint the milk for the final consumer. The contract states that if milk isn’t picked up it is dumped.

    blame the state, the feds, and the media for why your belly is empty when it comes! The farmer did his job but under guise of ”safety” food is destroyed instead of being fed to the citizen slave. The animals slaughtered because the feds make it happen. produce such as beans turned under because the state and feds tell them to do it. Then the farmer is paid by insurance for the crop loss. or paid through their contract. in some cases he isn’t paid at all and loses his farm to the big corporates. Just like destroying small stores in favor of Walmart. Small farms are being destroyed by corporate farms all under the guise of safety. Safety as defined by the USDA is starvation.

    As those diners reopen why would anyone that is still sane waste their money on them? They promise endless punishment to their patrons for no reason. This mind control virus that people fear has destroyed life and it put everyone into an open air prison. The punishment is unending! As long as people continue to take the beatings nothing will change.

    The local zoo here that we used to like to visit….key word there…used to! only allows people in who can pay extra! They have reopened only for their ”special” people…Those people that usually get to pay extra to cut in line ( that’s another atrocity) now get to be the only ones to vist the zoo for another month! if you pay you play! It is a place I will never again go to.

    What all this nonsense has done for me is save me a lot of money. I won’t shop at certain stores anymore. I will do without what i used to buy. I will make what a need myself or do without it. I won’t go out to eat and be punished by being sprayed by toxic chemicals. placed on opposite ends of a table from my family. or put through some machine that sterilizes me. (who knows what health affects all that does to a person ) . I hope to see those people go out of business. Let it become a waste land of former tax paying businesses. Those that impose tyranny on people deserve to close their doors forever.

    I am already planning on how to avoid 90% of the businesses. I won’t pay my jailer willingly for putting handcuffs on me and treating me like a walking disease. if they fear me so much they shouldn’t open their doors at all! I don’t deserve to be punished for a crime that is no crime. Being alive!

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