Please Stay on the Path of Insanity

In tonight’s episode of “who in the f**k wants to live a life like this”, abnormality abounds as waves of lolcow’s embrace their tank, settling in for the next abnormality to hit them square in the crotch, duly bent over and ready for the follow-up boot up the ass from their overlords.

It’s all a glorious ride to permanent lolcowdom where they will be gleefully rolling up their sleeves for the vaccinated nirvana promised six months, twelve months, eighteen months from now or whenever the chemical poisons are perfected.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) on Monday stated the people of his state cannot “firmly enter the new normal” until a coronavirus vaccine is developed and available — something some experts warn may never come to fruition.

“Until a proven vaccine is widely available, we cannot firmly enter the ‘new normal,’ when life will once again return to all our workplaces, downtowns, and main streets,” Murphy said in a social media post:

Until a proven vaccine is widely available, we cannot firmly enter the “new normal,” when life will once again return to all our workplaces, downtowns, and main streets. – Posted by Governor Phil Murphy on Monday, May 18, 2020

The dickheads are relentless in their pursuit to not only destroy any semblance of hope but to dismantle the foundations of human beings interacting with other human beings, or geez…even cars interacting with other cars.

Safe Distancing’ Portland Will Ban Cars on 100 Miles of Roads – via

The city of Portland, Oregon will ban cars from 100 miles of roadway in order to encourage social distancing from people walk, biking or running during the coronavirus pandemic.

They closures will primarily affect streets along designated neighborhoods which have lower car traffic in general, according to KGW8Temporary barricades and signage will be installed to alert drivers of the closures.

The plan also includes expanding space for pedestrians along streets that are “narrow or missing sidewalks,” and provide more room with pop-up walking and biking lanes.

In business districts, PBOT said they’ll establish space so customers can line up with enough physical distance, and create dedicated loading zones for pickup and delivery.

The city of Portland has seen a dramatic spike in speeding since the pandemic began and a major decrease in traffic congestion. 

Further details about the plan can be found online. It’s unclear when the closures will begin. –KGW8

Doubling down on the beatings is always good for the lolcow’s, for it allows them another fine opportunity to display some choice lolcow ingenuity to obey their gods of shitf**kery:

To enforce social distancing insanity, business owners (lolcow’s of the business persuasion) are using mannequins, cardboard cut-outs and blow-up dolls to keep other lolcow’s in their place – permanently, in the house of sadness.

The Absurd (and sometimes creepy) Ways Businesses Are Enforcing Social-Distancing  – via

Mannequins, cardboard people, and sex dolls

Places that used to be bustling with human customers and spectators are now being populated with…mannequins, cardboard cut-outs, and sex dolls. It sounds like I’m making this up. I’m not. (read more)

But the mighty cornholio has rewarded the rich and devastated the poor and even middle class, acting every bit like the jackass politicians who are quite happy their daily kicks to the crotch affects everybody but them.

Walmart Hits All Time High On Blowout Earnings From Coronavirus-Linked Stockpiling – via

Yes, the walking liabilities of human waste were given their orders to allow essential mega-billion corporations to stay open and sell much of the same shyte the local businesses sold, but due to the cornholio’s super-duper abilities, the walking liabilities deducted that the virus/flu/cold could not abide therein the confines of mega-billion corporations. Screw the local’s, only the super rich are rewarded.

And as the walking liabilities find that their past errors, omissions, stupidity and out and out lies must be owned up to from time to time, though the lolcow’s long have since forgotten the recent past bullshit from these clowns:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its guidance on COVID-19 to say that the disease “does not spread easily” on contaminated surfaces.

The disease has always been thought to spread mainly through person-to-person contact by respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. But up until recently, the CDC maintained that the virus could also spread through contact with contaminated surfaces.

Now the CDC says “the virus spreads easily between people” but “does not spread easily in other ways.” Under the second section, the guidance reads: “It may be possible for COVID-19 to spread in other ways, but these are not thought to be the main ways the virus spreads.”

But as the media continues to do what they do best – present fear porn 24/7, continuing to scare the bejesus out of every breathing, non-thinking person – screw-up’s such as these don’t fit into keeping the hysteria ramped up and thus are not reported or buried between smiling hyena’s reporting on the scheduled weather.

And if you were thinking of jetting away from the insanity to some unchartered island in Pacific, getting there might kill of any remaining grey cells you still have left.

The New Airline Travel: Fewer Flights, More Layovers, Rules for Bathrooms – via

A new age of air travel is taking shape.

Airports and airlines are rolling out temperature checks for crew and, increasingly, passengers, as well as thermal scans to spot people with elevated body temperatures. Face masks are now de rigueur for travelers across the U.S. Passengers on Europe’s biggest budget carrier must raise their hands to use the toilet.

Raise your f**king hand to go to the bathroom? Hey Mom…I’m done. Can you come wipe me?

The lolcow’s could be told that they need to ‘thelma & louise” themselves in order to stay safe and curb the spread of the cornholio…and most would oblige.

The Trump Administration is preparing to begin temperature checks conducted by the Transportation Security Administration at some airports, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. The TSA said no decision has been made.

Some of the biggest changes airlines envision are the result of what executives expect will be months, maybe years, of lower demand: They see fewer direct flights, for instance, which means more dreaded stopovers.

Some airlines are considering requiring passengers to sign health certifications, or to eventually carry “immunity passports”—documentation that a passenger has had, and recovered from, the virus.

The walking liabilities continue to make all aspects of life ugly, a remarkable pain in the ass, dreadful, depressing, along with policies promoting joblessness, hunger, poverty and homelessness.  And the lolcow’s have their back. If you don’t obey the rules of these demons, the tattle-tale’s come out in force to stomp your ass back into submission, no matter that scores of doctors are coming out to say that the continued lockdowns are dangerous, and even deadly.

Toledo (OH): 911 Lines Flooded With People Reporting Others for “Not Social Distancing”

Police forced to ask snitches to call alternative number – via

“If we don’t listen to that scream—and if we don’t respond to it—we may well wind up sitting amidst our own rubble, looking for the truck that hit us—or the bomb that pulverized us. Get the license number of whatever it was that destroyed the dream. And I think we will find that the vehicle was registered in our own name.” – Rod Serling


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mendelssohn – Symphony #4 (Italian) – hr-Sinfonieorchester (Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra) « Paavo Järvi, Director


  1. Working on the ‘front-lines’ as a grocery-store-cashier-drone, has a new and unfortunately sad number of experiences in the retail food industry house of pain, each and every glorious shift. Today’s experience that stood out involved a masked-up fear-drone who asked me, during her purchasing encounter, if our store allowed people into the store without the mask of fear and shame. Fear-drone seemed very concerned as one or two brave and enlightened un-masked souls walked dangerously close to her imagined safe space in this food-stock house of pain.

    My response to this lost soul was, ‘It’s not a law, it’s a rule…it’s a guideline.” Sad thing is, it seems that ‘rules and guidelines’ are becoming punishable by the absence of law & order and the numerous ‘little Napoleons’ pile-driving this Country and every other Country and Nation into a Medieval style serfdom with government dependency at best.

    The addiction to ‘fear’ that the demonic media is pushing has stuck with many who sip daily from the chalice of lies and insanity. Their addiction, sadly, is what is bringing out these ‘Gladys Kravitz snitches’ whose deranged melons have bought into this shit, hook, line and stinker.

    Abner Kravitz, we need you now! (as long as you have finished reading the newspaper)

    Your plate is full.

    Klattu Barada Nikto

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am quite sickened by what I am seeing. I think we must have entered the ”The Twighlight Zone” . Just waiting for Rod Serling to come out peddling his brand of cigarettes at the end of the episode.

    Watch those terms. ”The NEW NORMAL”. I have seen the slave overseer’s. The Governors and mayors. All using that same term. Only 1 says what it is…Total power and control over the lives of people who once had ”some” choices in their lives and now have NONE! It is the term of tyrants and creed of slaves!

    I guarantee people will lay down and grovel in the dirt at the slightest direction from ANYONE…even a store clerk can bark an order at these people to ”STAND BACK”, STAND ON YOUR X…and the people will do it…bowing and scraping the ground as they leap to their SPOT! TRAINED TRICK DOGS!

    That is the new normal. As the book 1984 says…”imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever! ” only this insane ”new normal” is much worse then anything Orwell imagined. Worse then anything that has ever occured in the history of the human experiment.

    So many terms being embedded in the minds of the collective….”social distancing” is one of the ”new normals” includes torturing of children. making sure they never play again. making sure they are supervised by an adult when they go to the bathroom. oh yes..that is their plan. no recess. no caffeteria. no water . no life! no shopping without a store clerk telling you where your allowed to walk. no more sporting events. no more movies. no more walks on a beach without a costume wearing thug from the state demanding things from you such as sit on wet sand only. dry sand isn’t allowed. ect. the new normal is extermination of the human mind, human spirit and human soul. IT worked beautifully! It shows how good the obedience training is today.

    Store clerks are the new milgram prison experiment. They delight in their new found power over the ”public”.. The stores that are still open that is. Those starting to open are continuing the prison experiment all on their own. voluntarily. putting their customers behind bars. making them walk the line! Stay on your line. Stay on your dot! The stores are now given their welfare checks to keep them in business they don’t need customers. They don’t need to compete. Same as Wal-mart they were given huge checks to stay open…Aren’t they kind?

    Places like Wal mart are raking in the wealth hand over fist because the state destroyed their competion. The media is truly the ”ministry of truth” that tells nothing but lies! Those people should be ashamed of themselves for selling slavery. Selling fear. selling anything their master tells them to. Those repeaters in the news say anything the government tells them to without question. They are also the ones that want everyone else SILENCED.

    Watch out though for the ”new normal” because nothing is ever going to be the same again. nothing. the damage done is permanent. the damage done to each other. to the minds of people and their children. That is never going to be the same. people won’t look at each other the same. They don’t talk to each other anymore. They don’t laugh or smile because they can’t. They wear their mask like a badge of honor. hiding who they are. many of them should hid. Snitches, moles, monsters. The others wear them because they are the new sacrifice and they volunteer to be placed on the alter of the state and its minion.

    The churches proved quickly what they are. The abandoned their people so fast it makes the head spin. no loss there in opinon. they sold out to the state a long time ago. They betrayed everything they claimed to believe in. Including their ”flock ” of human sheep!

    It is only going to get worse from here! The ”new normal” is the destruction of all life! never to come again. normal (as people think it is ) ceases to exist. Charlie Chaplin had an excellent speech in the movie the dictator. Sadly the human race ignored the message.

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