We’ve All Been Played…Over and Over and Over Again – All This Bullshit Going Down

On this episode of ‘The Days of Our Virus’, the unwashed continue to obey their psychopathic masters here in the factory of sadness, dutifully donning masks of obedience where they continue down the path toward total annihilation, slowly and completely:

Driver Wearing N95 Mask Passes Out From Lack of Oxygen, Crashes Into Pole – via infowars.com

Police say ‘driver had been wearing an N95 mask inside the vehicle for several hours’

A driver in Lincoln Park, New Jersey wrecked their car after the N95 mask they were wearing cut off their oxygen supply to the point they passed out and hit a telephone pole.

The driver, who remains unidentified, wore the mask for several hours before the incident and had been breathing in too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen, according to a Lincoln Park Police statement on Facebook.

What? You can breathe in too much carbon dioxide?  Do the shysters in the government and media tell you of such facts?  Easy answer.

But there’s more, boys and girls:

Describing common issues associated with wearing face masks, independent journalist Akshita Nagpal explains, “A person wearing any kind of mask faces breathing resistance as air filters through the device, making the wearer work harder to inhale than he would without the mask.”

“This can have several adverse physiological effects when the mask is worn for long periods of time,” she continues. “Moreover, carbon dioxide that is exhaled can get trapped in the chamber of the mask the re-enter the body each time the mask user inhales. This delivers less oxygen into the body than when the person is not wearing a mask.”

Dr. Dipankar Saha, scientist and additional director at India’s Central Pollution Control Board, said, “It can lead to oxygen shortage, suffocation, respiration trouble, and heart attacks.”

Dr. Saha also pointed out that masks are a often sources of bacteria and viruses, saying, “The moisture from exhalation inside the mask, when in constant contact with the 37 degrees Celsius warm human body, becomes ideal place for virus and bacteria to thrive. This could result in the growth of microbes on masks and aid the spread of airborne diseases like influenza.” via scroll.in/pulse

Now, doesn’t that all make us feel better?

Stay home, stay safe.  “Safe” equating to obedience to these pricks.

90 Days of Madness:  Official Numbers Prove COVID-19 is STILL Benign – via SOTTnews.com

But don’t let the factory of sadness descend upon you where you think you’re the only one has suddenly understood that you’re being reamed up the arse by these shysters…many others are waking up to the vaudeville:

The following video has gone viral…but in case you haven’t seen it, it’s worth the 3 minute view:

What We Should ALL Be Doing Right Now!

But as this one is funny (and so true) many might laugh at what we’re all believing, yet will still march out tomorrow morning, with suffocating masks in place and social distancing insanity adhered to, lest shitting in the pants ensues.

Then there’s the bit more serious of how we’ve been reamed…


Who knew war could be so much fun!


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Fight the Power ” – The Isley Brothers – HQ

Photo by Gabe Rebra on Unsplash


  1. ~
    A quote (I took from the movie Close Encounters) and REINVISIONED for this current scenario…

    Do you realize the danger that you and your friend have risked? By coming here, you’ve exposed yourself to THIS CORONA VIRUS…
    Roy: There’s nothing wrong with the air.
    Laughlin: What makes you say that?
    Roy: I just know. There’s nothing wrong with it.
    Lacombe: Go outside and make me a liar.

    this is all a load of b*llsh*t coming from the “powers that be” AND “the people that follow” them.

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