Balls, Masks and Farts – ‘The Days of Our Virus’

Each day in the factory of sadness brings fresh turds to the masses, dropped by psychopath’s on the yellow brick road traveled upon by bodies wearing masks and rubber gloves. It’s such a wonderful time to be alive.

Check out just a bit of the latest fear porn f**kery from the corporate media:

Can the coronavirus be spread through farts? – via

Two Australian doctors are weighing in about the spread of the coronavirus “down under” — whether it can be spread through farts, that is.

During Friday’s episode of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Coronacast” podcast, producer and host Dr. Norman Swan made a cautionary suggestion when it comes to particles of feces set adrift within a fart and the spread of COVID-19.

Hail to the cornholio!  It can leap tall buildings, chill out for whatever amount of time it wants to in the air, rest for hours, days or weeks on inanimate objects waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, unless you’re at the grocery or liquor store, or any government office, for those areas are kryptonite to the mighty cornholio.

But it’s not just between-the-buttcheeks where the cornholio can linger.

Read and weep all you men out there:

Testicles may make men more vulnerable to coronavirus: study – via

The coronavirus could linger in the testicles, making men prone to longer, more severe cases of the illness, according to a new study.

Researchers tracked the recovery of 68 patients in Mumbai, India, to study the gender disparity of the virus, which has taken a worse toll on men, according to a preliminary report posted on MedRxix, which hosts unpublished medical research papers that have not been peer reviewed.

‘unpulished medical research papers that have not been peer reviewed’ – Conglatulations NY Post, for adding mega doses of fear porn de-jour.

And if your privates don’t spread the cornholio, your dead body just might:

First case of a DEAD patient passing on coronavirus is reported in Thailand after medical examiner is infected – via

A medical examiner in Thailand died after catching coronavirus from a dead patient, scientists suspect.

The forensic worker was infected in Bangkok in what is thought to be the first such case anywhere in the world.

Researchers warned in a letter published in the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine that forensic workers would have to guard themselves against infection.

‘Scientists suspect’???…’forensic workers would have to guard themselves against infection’???  Haven’t they done this before the mighty cornholio?

But the mighty cornholio might not be so mighty after all.

CV: Ohhh…. HOT MIC Moment Before The Daily Fear Briefing – “[Take Off Mask, Fatality Rate LOW]” – via neverlosetruth

The original posting of the video on Twitter can be viewed here, as well.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media has nearly everyone shitting their pants, possibly sending out even more droplets of the cornholio.

…and Jesus wept

And a thoughtful and thought provoking piece…

What if?  by Kimberly Brady, MD, Douglas County – via

All this vaudeville from the corporate media and government demons reminds me of an old SNL episode:

The People’s Court – Saturday Night Live


Tonight’s musical offering:

Brewer and Shipley – ‘One Toke Over The Line’ – With Lyrics

(Jesus, Mary and Holy St. Joseph – don’t we have to be one toke over the line to withstand the insanity?)

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

One comment

  1. the insanity from the insane never will stop. people have accepted them as their masters! Their scientists…and their GODS!
    we live in a rural location. planned years ago to get out of the city but now the city is coming to us! people sneaking out of their city prisons and partaking of nature which i can’t blame them…where i do blame them is when they decide our property is now their playground! city idiots i call them! walk where they want regardless of the livestock (that is deadly when you have 2500 pound bulls in the field) …they chase animals with ATV’S, including our animals. almost through the fence. .on our own property! they play and we pay!

    folks in the city earned their prison..they begged for it…they look down on people in the country for the most part and now they invade us! our little country road sounds like a freeway! we used to have 10 or less vehicles day and it is up to over 200 now…you don’t dare step out or let your cats out! These city-idiots will run them down in the road!

    they are selfish and self centered and got themselves locked down into open air prisons. they did it to themselves as well and now that it is driving them crazy they decide to take out their frustrations on people in the country…this will not end well for anyone! and it is also by design. those who did these lock downs know full well what their human herds will do. planned chaos!

    when you lock people in a cage even the most timid will find a way out of the cage! the bad thing is these are the worst element they have no respect for other people, their property, or even nature itself! none! tear, shred, rip, destroy! in their quest to alleviate their boredom!

    the people who own these lands and the lands being invaded on country roads are getting angry! it isn’t state land! These people are taking up arms….and defending their borders and their livestock at the point of a gun…organized chaos and orchestrated by the state! this whole destruction taking place all around the globe is deliberate and permanent! it is the ”new normal” as those in power say..tyranny being considered normal…open air prisons considered normal…yeah right! There is no return to ”normal”….what is taking place is permanent!

    Liked by 1 person

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