Hey…We’ve Laid to Waste Earth…Let’s Lay to Waste the Moon…In ‘the Days of Our Virus’

Everything that was known and loved just a few weeks ago in the House of Pain is quickly being extinguished by non-humans and psychopaths into layers of shit in the world-wide-waste outhouse.

The smile you use to see has been covered by cotton masks, bringing instead a muffled voice of disquietude and lamentations.

The touch of another has been supplanted by a space previously given to poisonous snakes.

Government ‘officials’ of whom you pay their salary, implant their Stasi-like boots upon the throats of the innocents –  with cute and dainty sayings like, ‘stay home – save lives’, while spouting the opposite vermin thinking of  – ‘we’re all in this together.’

How in the fuck can we all be in this together, with the idea behind it all that we’re helping each other out, when we’re stuck in the stale stench of our own homes?

But what innocent or apathetic can think of such things when they’re lives are laid to waste and they’re spending their days doing this:

Images and video of miles of cars lined up at food banks in San Antonio and other cities across the U.S. present a striking example of the economic effects of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, which has thrown at least 16 million Americans out of work in recent weeks and increased pressure on the distribution centers to provide key staples for a flood of needy people in the country. – via wakingtimes.com

But rather than open up economies that allow the innocents to work for their daily bread, government dickheads continue to tank economies with their stay-at-home orders that lay to waste the innocents’ lives.

We’re told that government and media shysters care…how do we know? They tell us we’re all in this together. Comforting.

Not to worry…the guy with the orange hair is on it:

In the midst of a global pandemic, President Donald Trump found time earlier this week to sign an executive order for U.S. companies to mine the moon’s mineral resources, according to Newsweek. – by Jordan Davidson, EcoWatch – via Waking Times

Never mind whether we ever actually made the trip to the moon in the first place,  we’re going to mine the shit out of it.

In the land of the tank…the apathetic’s embrace whatever shitf**kery for signs and lines the dickheads vomit up.

…and Jesus wept….and then…projectile vomiting ensued:


Tonight’s musical offering:

McGarrett’s Theme by Morton Stevens

Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash


  1. nothing like naming it and claiming it…since when is the moon property of the us government? since when are other planets such as ‘mars’ theirs to claim as well? not that they ever made it to the moon or could get back there…just the fact the arrogance to claim that what they see in a telescope belongs to them! patent pending right! pretty soon they will charge us for looking at it in a telescope! copyright violation if we take pictures of it!

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