They Can… You Can’t

In the house of pain, all suffer – well, not really.

Dem Mayor Goes to Gym After Telling Public to Stay Home – Then Gets Wrecked by Former Aides – via

Bill de Blasio could be accused of failing to practice what his administration preaches.

The Democratic mayor of New York City was spotted at a Brooklyn gym on Monday morning, the New York Post reported.

De Blasio made the trip despite his own health department urging all New Yorkers to act as if they’d been exposed to coronavirus, the highly contagious disease that’s put the Big Apple in lockdown-mode.

If only folks could understand they are being f**ked, and act accordingly. Then again, the insouciant public enjoy being f**ked by these demons – how else to explain the state of things we find ourselves in.

Today, I had the distinct pleasure of chemical dousing. Where you might wonder?  Was I at a hospital, the growing plains in the Midwest, a water treatment plant?  No, it was at a barber shop.

Read on, boys and girls, of the f**kery going on:

I entered the barber shop today, usually a very boring affair, yet the moment I entered the shop I was told I had to read the “notice” on the wall.  Paraphrasing here, it said, basically…”f**k you, do as we say.”

One had to lap the chemical goo of hand sanitizer upon their hands. One had to pledge allegiance to the gods of f**kery that they weren’t sick and hadn’t been sick since the Civil War.

Then, I watched of the requirements that had to be done, issued by ‘those who can, while you can’t’, ordering about a lovely bouquet of toxic sludge, spraying a chemical “disinfectant” of shyte upon the barber shop chairs, the barber shop hair clippers, scissors, sink…with the barbers wearing plastic gloves and then dispensing them after each haircut. Therefore, by just getting a haircut, I am sufficiently chemically protected.

But not to worry, the barber cutting my hair, whispered to me that they’ll be closing their shop next week.  Next week? If this shyte is so highly contagious, why are they open THIS week? Thank the gods I came in for my chemical dousing this week.

I then asked the barber: when the shysters order you to close, what happens to you? Crickets. How so few of the innocents and ignorants grasp the magnitude of how they are being f**ked.

So, while you might be getting emails from caring relatives and friends, advising of the joys of sheltering in place, (Jesus Christ, folks – what f**kery we follow) highlighting prayers to Jesus for protection from the cornholio virus, maybe think that Jesus has nothing to do with this.

Maybe, just maybe, it is up to each of us, individually, in our own way, to stand up against the demons of humanity to those who might provide their morning assistance.

The gods of f**kery are most pleased – the insouciant’s are tanking their lives for their demon overlords’ offering of permanent stench from the outhouse.

Read and weep….

Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine to Skip Animal Testing – Test Directly on Humans – via

And this…to consider:

Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth Begins to Leak Out – via – Jon Rappopart

George Orwell –  A Final Warning (One minute in length)


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Beatles – “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window”

Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash


  1. those who are ordering and enforcing the lock down in every city world-wide are not being ”locked down” it applies ONLY to the citizen human herd. it doesn’t apply to the herders! The cops, the military, your council members, your governors, your mayors, your queens, your prime minsters, all the bureaucrats are free to go where they choose but you little slave will be rounded up like cattle and put back into your feed lots where your ordered on pains of punishment to stay put!

    the businesses that are following along may or may not ever reopen. They also prove who they serve and it isn’t their customers! They serve their God at the state first and foremost their customers come last! They made their Faustian deals. may they all pay up for doing so! They have acted as enforcers, tax collectors and they spy on their customers at a variety of levels and have reported their clients to the State for whatever punishment the state sees fit to deal out.. All for the glory of the STATE. Orwell was right….except it has gone past that it is morphed into something much worse. A
    ‘Brave New World’ and ‘1984 ‘combined perhaps…?

    The citizen slave sitting in his home obeying his master is guilty as well. your obedience will be your undoing. you put your slave collar on long ago. Took your number your social security tattoo that follows you…It is the number of cattle. of a member of the human herd! This clamp down applies ONLY to YOU! It doesn’t apply to those who are rich. It doesn’t apply to the homeless! It applies only to the working tax payer! It is what you bought! Another shortening of your chain and leash. Blind obedience. Blind faith in people who have never done anything for the human race but harm it! They cannot be trusted and yet look at the trust they are given today by those who have suffered abuse at their hands. Stockholm Syndrome perhaps?

    Locking people in their cities and homes will make it EASY for those in power to gas those people or infect them with something REAL. Easy to poison them via water and air. They have done it before. They will do it again. The excuse will be ”fumigation” or something similar. The people are the rats that they intend to fumigate while they sit on hands thumbs tapping away on their iphone. locked in their cage that once was a home. They can drag YOU out of your homes much more easily when they know where to find you. Large groups are easy to find when locked into a city. The excuse will be ”the virus”… oh yes…a wet dream for those in power! They can do anything they want to you now!! no limits!! no resistance! no fear on their part. notice how they continue on…keeping on….if it was a virus they would have been long gone!! you would be alone in your panic….now they control it and direct it and guide you to your prison cell!

    how easy it is for them to achieve their goal…The human herd is making it easy! If they wanted to reduce the population to the Georgia Guide-stone level now is their chance. People are making it easy for them to reduce the population. They will sit in their cities and not move until told to do so. Cowering behind their door doing what they are told to the very end!

    YOU are not allowed to talk to your family or friends…OH NO!! SOCIAL DISTANCING…don’t talk, don’t touch, don’t visit each other so you won’t know what is going on outside your 4 walls!! no assembling! your neighbors could be dead and you would never know it. perfect crime! YOUR not ALLOWED by your MASTER to assemble more then 10 people because they fear what you might do?? what you might know? that you might, just might resist your prison camp? What are the masters afraid of? I assure you it isn’t a VIRUS they fear…they would have been the first to disappear had that been real.

    As Decker says…..”And Jesus Wept” !

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