Cough 19 – Silent Spectators and Internment Camps – ‘The Days of Our Virus’ Rolls On

Don’t you just love having a front row seat here in the worldwide internment camp the psychopath’s have created for us, for our own protection of course, where the lolcows of our brethren can buttfumble their way through virus check-in stations, waiting in their germ-infested car for 4 hours, inhaling the exhaust of the running car in front of them, all so that they can sacrifice a bit of their snot to be tested for the Cough 19?

Wait for 4 hours, blow snot and drive on…we’ll be in contact with you. The obedience to the hysteria and panic run deep in the lolcows. They seem to embrace more Hell with each new day.

Going to the local and small grocery store in the neighborhood for the typical items one needs from time to time today, this hack writer was able to observe the lolcows at their finest.  I made it a point to offer a pleasant smile at everyone I might have made eye contact with.  What did I see buried deep in their souls…panic, sheer panic. Needless to say none smiled back at me, for I don’t believe they even saw me, so panicked they were to buy containers of shyte to sustain their attention while they tune into corporate media to see what new panic guano the media is hyping.

I saw a man cough…just a simple cough – just one cough.  A man passing by him quickly acquired wide receiver abilities and jumped three feet away from the bodily function. My smile turned to a ‘WTF’ smirk of witnessing total idiocy.

Of course, we know the gods of f**kery always demand sacrifice and the gods’ list of those willing to be f**ked up their arse’s, is ad infinitum.

But maybe God, the Creator, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who started this circus are none to pleased with the current shitf**kery:

Corona Virus – Is God unhappy with Mankind? –

The sages among mankind believe that God will be unhappy when justice will be denied, when atrocities against mankind will increase, rulers will usurp their powers and suppress their subjects, courts will shun justice. Judges will indulge in favoritism. He will be even unhappier when the people will remain silent spectators and watch atrocities on others around them. (emphasis added)

I leave you tonight from this shit-posting to contemplate the following, if you so choose:

My 89 year old father is afflicted with Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Dementia. Basically, he can do nothing for himself – and I mean nothing. At the skilled nursing facility he is at, the new ‘rules’ dictated by the government psychopath’s and implemented by the lolcows who run this facility – no visitors for the next 2 weeks, and maybe longer. Now, when you have both of these ailments – you understand nothing other than the human contact from your family. Your wife, your children who come to visit you daily – they are your only contact to love. Without that contact, what do you think might happen?

When you have a populace of sheeple, who choose to believe in nothing more than the turds of insanity offered up each day by the psychopath’s; if you remain compliant and  bend the knee to these f**ker’s, never standing up and say ‘NO MORE’, how long do you think you and your loved ones have before these pyschopath’s come for you and yours, for whatever reason they concoct?

Folks…I’m a shit-poster. I enjoy the turn of a phrase, certain words, cussing to emphasize a point. I love to belittle and mock the pyschopath’s controlling us. I always attempt to back up what I write about with facts – facts that many don’t want to acknowledge. And I always attempt to end my shit-posting with beautiful or relevant musical offerings.

But now, as I approach my final years dwelling upon this shye-show –  I’ve seen just a few things. And I can guarantee you that if don’t stand up to these demons NOW, in whatever way you can; if you don’t start sharing and talking about the shitf**kery going on with how our minds, hearts and souls are being laid to waste; if you don’t start pleading with your brethren to awaken from their hibernation from love – well, the comfortable days when you only had to worry about having enough toilet paper on hand to clean your arse, will be a laugh in the park.

Eric Dubay – CoronaVirus or New World Order?  (10 minutes)


Tonight’s musical offering:

Joe Cocker — “Feelin’ Alright”


  1. Your shit-posts are really important to me, and to a lot of us. I appreciate you and your skillful turns of phrase and when you make me laugh, which is often. Laughter is beautiful healing medicine and laughing at tyrants is the only ‘herd immunity’ we really need! I’m very sorry to hear about this awful, abusive rule that will keep your dad from his loved ones, truly vile idiocy.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words. Honestly, if I couldn’t laugh at all of this…I’d lose what’s left of my wits. That I can provide a laugh here and there…well, that touches my heart. And thank you for thoughts of my dad. You’re spot on…it is vile idiocy. Best to you and yours…. and thank you for your creative postings on your blog. Top notch! Cheers!

      Liked by 2 people

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