Clean Arseholes and Bulging Wallets

Like seeing Big Foot, or even a wave of common sense engulfing humankind – you might find it hard to believe, but yes, pure evil does exist.

And in typical American fashion, evil comes in the form of corporations, along with failed government policies fleecing the innocents to pour more of their hard-earned cash into the demons’ overstuffed pockets reaped from calamity after calamity that these f**ktards engineer.

A Miami Man Who Flew to China Worried He might Have Coronavirus. He May Owe Thousands – via

Last month, Miami resident Osmel Martinez Azcue returned from a work trip in China with flu-like symptoms. Being cautious, he went to the hospital to make sure he didn’t have the coronavirus.

The tests concluded that Azcue had the flu, not the coronavirus. Two weeks after his test, he received a claim for $3,270. With limited insurance coverage, he will be responsible for about $1,400 of that bill. Azcue told the Miami Herald:

“How can they expect normal citizens to contribute to eliminating the potential risk of person-to-person spread if hospitals are waiting to charge us $3,270 for a simple blood test and a nasal swab?”

Ah…that’s the shit of it, right? No f**ks are given by these charlatans. Their only care – the money they make off your misery.

But Americans are taking all this virus hysteria in typical hysterical fashion (in the U.S., 259 people have been infected by the coronavirus, and 14 have died, as of this date – for the current ‘flu’ season, an estimated 32 million Americans have come down with influenza since this year’s flu season began in late September, resulting in about 18,000 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)  ensuring their delirium is temporarily squelched, sitting on their toilets – calm, cool and collected knowing that clean arseholes will be within arms reach by the apathetic’s who queued up for hours to purchase toilet paper to wipe themselves of the canned goods they bought to feast upon, while waiting out possible quarantines whenever and wherever local authority arseholes felt the need to implement, only to stoke up fear and a f**kup’ed neighborhood – the American apathetic’s are the eternal chumps of whatever new stench the demons create – whenever and however they offer it up.

As coronavirus panic hits the U.S., a financial lobbying group is attempting to use the crisis to push through the deregulation of its industry. The Bank Policy Institute (BPI), a Washington-based lobbying organization representing many of the nation’s largest banks, released a set of proposals this week, the most important of which recommends that the Federal Reserve lower capital requirements to zero. This would mean banks could lend an unlimited amount without having any assets or wealth to back it up. It also advocated relaxing the so-called “stress tests” that force banks to show that they can withstand economic shocks. This, it claims, would help America fight the COVID-19 virus. The report’s lead author was BPI CEO Greg Baer, former Managing Director of JP Morgan Chase. –

Tis no wonder that God and his heavenly team packed it up and dropped out from this universe’s shyte-show long ago. It had to have been determined that humankind were beyond help…for if they refuse to use the gifts of commonsense, and allowed this gem of planet to be shit upon century after century, with no efforts to resist the insanity from the nether world who proliferated f**kery after f**kery – hey, what’s the point?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Queen – “Killer Queen” (Lyrics)

Photo by fran hogan on Unsplash


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