Dream a Little Dream…

Just as you can count on getting the scheduled weather for your area produced by climate geo-engineering dickheads, broadcast by media drones dressed in the latest distaste of fashion emanating from the local goo of television stations, you can now be sure that with the latest health hysteria hyped up so that long lines of innocents will queue up to buy metric tones of toilet paper and plastic, contaminated water – further f**kery is guaranteed from the demons, and will arrive swiftly on your doorstep, if not today, then maybe tomorrow. Lucky you!

Over 2,700 NYC residents quarantined in homes over coronavirus fears – via NYPost.com

About 2,800 New York City residents are under quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus — and some could face fines or jail time if they venture outside their homes, officials said Thursday.

“The powers that we have could involve the police,” city Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot warned during a news conference at One Police Plaza.

… “We’re all very sober right now about what tomorrow could bring,” de Blasio said.

“We’re going to get more and more mandatory as needed.”

Officials said the people under quarantine were subject to unannounced spot checks several times a week, with some conducted by the “health police.”

The “health police”????????????????????

Jesus, Mary & Joseph!  That so many listen and obey these dickheads, propels many an innocent to drop to their knees and ask God why He hasn’t dispatched his son to clean up this shitf**kery. Or maybe the jokes on us and the creators of this universe have left the upkeep of this heap of insanity to the dolphins who have long since departed this shyte-show.

Cheers to the horseshit, eh?

If you might want to take a break from the government and media shysters who shit their pants, and then produce made-up bat guano that they tell you must smother your being into, but they never will, consider grooving down the avenue of common sense… provided by Dr. John Bergman, in a mere 12 minutes:

I’m Not Afraid of the Corona Virus because I Have a Plan – Dr. John Bergman


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Dream a Little Dream of Me” – Vocal and Piano – Sangah Noona

Photo by karolina gac on Unsplash

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