Stopping the Continued Multiple Punches to the Crotch

Do you like trash? Maybe multiple punches to the crotch are your thang? Or maybe just reading or viewing the finest in current shittery makes one eye spin clockwise and the other counter-clockwise – something you secretly dig.

Whatever the bag of goo you feel comfortable in, all of your favorite time-wasters and punches to the crotch are just a click away, provided by corporate shit-bags and government whores.

And sometimes, the bag of goo of the age of modernity and shitf**kery comes directly to your inbox, from your helpful and caring healthcare provider, without you even asking.

I haven’t seen my ‘healthcare provider’, at least not the allopathic kind for years, but they were kind enough to drop me a note today telling me that they KNEW the Coronavirus developments were “heavy on my mind” and they even went to the trouble of providing government whore links of medical chicanery for me read and spike my fear quotient, and blood pressure for the day.

Such absolute and proper f**kery.

Just like watching a concert of aging hipster musical types, where you look at the aged musicians, and then look as the camera pans the audience, showing concert-goers older than your grandparents, doing the white person shuffle to songs that you loved when your were 13, you cringe, fearing a world of suck descending upon you.

That same feeling is there for you to dive deeply into, by just believing a sentence of what is reported by the corporate media whores.

Proof?  Just take a gander at the Drudge Report and read the headlines of the linked articles. The world of suck comes upon you like the virus the present day charlatans are  hoping you might come down with, and rather than mistake that warm feeling in your nether regions, along with a wisp of high heat in your head, reminding you of a wonderfully juicy time when you were young, you think, in your delirium that these darlings, have more of a f**king clue to what spins your wheel more than young love, or even middle-age ventures of physical pleasures outside the halls of twenty-something wedding vows.

Understandably, you nod off for the night’s sleep dreaming of pleasures and impossibilities you hope no other in your life ever catches a breath of knowing about.

The gods always demand sacrifice…and the innocent’s and apathetic’s keep providing the means.

The black hole where thought, compassion, empathy, sanity, kindness and love have tanked into – ordinary folks look to the heavens waiting for the Second Coming for some sort of explanation or, even better,escape. Sadly, such is not the case, and why Jesus and his entourage have waited this long to send the four horsemen to slay all the shyte we’ve allowed to fester – who knows.

But just maybe, it could be that we’ve chosen to believe the demons brew, rather than to stand for the simple that the creators have provided since this shyte-show started. And in this particular virus-infested instance, it may be something as simple as ‘baking soda’.

Viruses are pH Sensitive – via – Published on March 4, 2020

There are certain important subjects that doctors and world health officials do not want you to know about. The fact that most viruses and all physiological processes in the body are pH sensitive is one of them. Despite the fact that pH medicine offers us a key to treating viral infections that is easy, safe and inexpensive, they and even alternative health care providers just cannot wrap their heads around baking soda as one of the most important medicines we can use to fight the coronavirus.
Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in the US have uncovered the ‘Achilles’ heel’ of most viruses which plague mankind are on target, there are vulnerabilities that can be exploited but what they are looking at is not practical or helpful in our fight against viral infections. The so-called ‘Achilles heel’ (or vulnerable point) of most viruses can be exploited by pulling the pH rug out from under them.  (Choice shyte here to read and ponder…and maybe even, God forbide, act upon. The full article can be read here.)
Tonight’s musical offering:

“September” – Leonid & Friends (Earth, Wind & Fire cover)





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