Sharp Points

When elite scientists, doctors, PhD’s and other jive-ass shysters are caught on camera questioning the safety of vaccines, and they happen to be with the World Health Organization (WHO), chances are they won’t be labeled as heretics for all to see because the corporate media simply does what it does best – keep truth from the public lest the inquisition redux.

But in the factory of sadness that is much of life around the world, these dickheads’ worries that all the unclean won’t bow at their altar of chemical f**kery injection, there is karma, and then there is the health gods version of karma. The latter probably ends with an eternal injection that results in these demons writhing in pain and mental torment from what they unleashed upon the innocents on terra firma.

Read and weep of the exchange of these jackals:

(Natural News) A Dec. 2, 2019 World Health Organization “Global Vaccine Safety Summit” video has been found and leaked to the world, revealing shocking admissions of the health hazards posed by vaccines and their toxic ingredients.

Some of the highlights:

An admission that vaccine adjuvants increase cell death and damage to vaccine recipients. For this paragraph, the term “reactogenicity” means vaccine adverse reactions and side effects, including those that are known to be extremely harmful and cause long-term damage or even death:

Dr. Stephen Evans, Professor of Pharmacoepidemiology – It seems to me that adjuvants multiply the immunogenicity of the antigens that they are added to, and that is their intention.  It seems to me they multiply the reactogenicity in many instances, and therefore it seems to me that it is not unexpected if they multiply the incidence of adverse reactions that are associated with the antigen…

Warnings about long-term effects from vaccine adjuvants:

Dr. Martin Howell Friede – You are correct. As we add adjuvants, especially some of the more recent adjuvants, such as the ASO1, saponin-derived adjuvants , we do see increased local reactogenicity… The major health concern which we are seeing are accusations of long term, long term effects.

An admission that the W.H.O. is panicking over the fact that many doctors and nurses are finally starting to question the safety and vaccines and are becoming aware of the coordinated cover-up of vaccine injuries:

Prof. Heidi Larson, PhD, Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project – We have a very wobbly health professional front line that is starting to question vaccines and the safety of vaccines. When the front line professionals are starting to question or they don’t feel like they have enough confidence about the safety to stand up to it to the person asking them the questions.  I mean most medical school curriculums, even nursing curriculums, I mean in medical school you’re lucky if you have a half-day on vaccines. Never mind keeping up to date with all this. (emphasis added)

You can watch the full video at this link on Brighteon

Ah, but f*** that! A half day is more than enough training on the administration of poison.  After all, the only thing lab white coats have to do is walk into an examination room, doctors office, hospital room or other unsterilized confines and all an uninterested and apathetic innocent seems to see are health angels with a hallow above their heads. Whatever they say is gospel…doubting them is sacrilege, prepare thyself for the gallows if you question them.

But wait, there’s good news that compensates a bit for telling the truth by the WHO stooges – it’s called a bit of f**kery, aimed at who, you might wonder…why the children of course.

How to Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent – via

The shit show continues – the tub of apathy and willful ignorance is deep with the innocents, to the point where reading the FDA insert of the chemical f**kery and its side effects, administered in the name health, created by corporate conglomerates whom the government has given zero liability if their product causes harm, illness, further disease or even death, is too much of a bother.  Gaining a bit of knowledge of the injections of goo the corporate and government thugs strong arm the innocents to roll up for is a monumental task too great to undertake.

One can only hope that the health professional front line are indeed starting to question the safety of vaccines and in turn, can lead the innocents away from the barbecue pit.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Dean Martin – “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head”

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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