Recovery is always on-going – for all of us.  Whether recovering from illness, surgery, the common cold, the flu; the on-going lunacy of working in the corporate world; listening to media dickheads spouting golden rods of BS, or recovering from the holiday of spending and texting, where family, relatives and questionable characters, invited at the last minute to family holiday gatherings, all decide to take off shoes at the Christmas celebration and get decidedly comfy, subjecting ones olfactory senses to a stench that even baby Jesus would be put off by – recovery is never-ending. (One cannot ‘unsmell’ that which has been smelled.)

Bounders, cads and psychopath’s relish in heaping f**kery upon the innocents. They always have throughout history. It is what these non-humans were born to do.

Whether it be the the toxic sludge of chemically produced food they produce, or their ‘word salads’ of absolute bullshit they propagandize the innocents with…or the chemical vat of medical poisons they want to administer to innocents to keep them sick enough to keep them coming back for more poisons to counter the previous poisons administered…or the goo of toxic “clouds” in the atmosphere that aren’t the creations of Jesus, Mary or holy St. Joseph – we are overwhelmed, day in and day out with the choicest of f**kery.

As many a blogger has “given up” their pursuits of uncovering the truth and attempting to shout far and wide about the chicanery of the psychopath’s, citing the apathy, the disinterest, the yawning of innocents who await their position in the queue at the guillotine as the reason to give up their endeavors, we here at the Asylum will forge on, for the time being, documenting the insanity for all to see, if they would just cast a wondering eye away from their hand-held radiation device long enough to observe.

God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins who started this circus may have created excrement as a way of allowing the body to rid itself of waste, but they didn’t create it for us to wallow in and consume.

Sadly, the psychopath’s produce only excrement, and we continue to buy it, inhale it, and eat it:

Genetically modified organisms in the food we eat, fluoride and other toxins in the water we drink, electromagnetic goo from the invisible wireless all about us, and the criss-cross of chemicals in the sky that we breathe day in and day out – it’s all excrement that we continue to ingest each day.

We sit each day as bumps on a log, marveling at our own shyte. We concoct scenario’s and short stories that numb our senses enough to allow us to continue to believe our own bullshit, ignoring the chicanery of the demons, seemingly not bothered in the least that all which we ignore and allow, won’t affect our loved ones, our family, our very selves…hoping it only to be a detriment to those outside ourselves..

I’ve written so many times of all the f**kery of the era – so few give a shyte.

There are those who are dedicated to truth….they can be found here:

Mike Morales – “Above Ground News”… – for all things weather related.

NeverlosetruthKafka2– for excellent research into so many things – for a bit and more of all that is truly ‘green’ – for truth from all corners of the planet – for the awakening we are all called upon to participate in – for more truth on health, politics, economy, activism, technology, environment and more – for simply, the truth. – for the truth on the electromagnetic insanity all about us

And there are many others.

But it’s been made too easy to ignore the f**kery of us all, obeying the trite in our heads hearts, souls and minds, implanted by the absolute a-holes of the era and their shitf**kery – where we give a pass to all evil, and instead of listening to that in our hearts and souls that tell us to say, “f**k off with your shyte…no more” – we instead choose to believe and follow their absolute evil.

…and Jesus wept!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Handel’s “Hallelujah”

600-strong Sydney Philharmonia Choirs sing Handel’s masterpiece, Messiah, live from the Sydney Opera House. Performed by Celeste Lazarenko (soprano), Nicholas Tolputt (countertenor), Andrew Goodwin (tenor), Christopher Richardson (bass-baritone), Sydney Philharmonia Choirs and Christmas Choir, Sydney Philharmonia Orchestra, Brett Weymark (conductor)


  1. Thanks for att references, Decker! 🙂 This is really a war being waged between antichrist and God, or all that is good!
    It´s obvious that the shitproducing elite hate God and christianity!
    Anyhow, thank you for all your great posts, Decker and wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!!! 🙂
    Truth, goodness and Love shall prevail!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If you ever have time i ran into this video on the artificial intelligence and smart phones. i know you would find it as interesting as i did. it explains an awful lot for why people are so addicted to this technology.
    thank you for your writing and all you do. first place i check every morning is your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Highlander! Quite honored that you would check this blog out each morning…thank you. And the youtube video on AI and smart phones…absolutely brilliant. Thank you for sharing. As he noted toward the end of the video, politicians, government officials, et al, are the most programmed of all by this smart technology. Fantastic video!


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