What Kind of God Put Us Here In the First Place?

Another grand day in the empire of nuttery has come to its conclusion, run by adolescent adults where one side of the club of lunatics got together and voted to impeach the orange haired nutjob, which will lead to a Senate trial where further circus antics are surely in the waiting…


Most Americans couldn’t give a rats’ arse of this theatre, as they are shopping for holiday plastic garbage, either on the world wide waste, or at the waste of vomit-inducing malls or corporate conglomerates of plastic, where these corporations’ television commercials, invite you to suspend what little thinking your mind is still capable of, hoping you’ll believe that the day of the Christ-child’s birth, is a celebration of you notching up the  credit limit to the maximum on another of your plastic cards.

Life is good here, isn’t it?

But just as many an American can’t get it through the numbed circuitry in his head that he’s being played…again, so too the orange haired dickhead-in-chief hasn’t come to terms that he too is just a hologram of his mind:

As the U.S. House of Representatives voted for President Trump’s impeachment Wednesday night in the nation’s capital, Trump took the stage for a rally in Battle Creek, Mich., setting up a split-screen spectacle unlike any other in American history.

“It doesn’t really feel like we’re being impeached,” Trump said as the House began to vote on Article 1, the abuse of power resolution. – via news.yahoo.com

“We’re?” No, that’s you, dickhead, who are being impeached by a group of misfits that even Gehenna wants no part of giving a future, eternal home to.

But what these shysters can agree upon, is that you and your every move, thought, whim, temptation, chores, errands, snoozes, farts, or burps and more, will now be surveilled 24/7/365 by government employed dumbshits:

Tis good to live in the home of the brave…

Republicans & Democrats Agree: Give Vast Snooping Powers to the US Government – via zerohedge.com

The impeachment circus did one thing successfully. It took attention from the government’s mass surveillance programs that are constantly expanded. As Reason proposed:

If Democrats really feared Donald Trump’s exercise of the powers of the presidency, why would they propose extending the surveillance powers of the controversial Patriot Act?

If democrats honestly believed that Trump was all of the things he’s being accused of, why trust him with the Patriot Act?

The American Civil Liberties Union agrees, calling the Patriot Act “an overnight revision of the nation’s surveillance laws that vastly expanded the government’s authority to spy on its own citizens, while simultaneously reducing checks and balances on those powers like judicial oversight, public accountability, and the ability to challenge government searches in court.”

Attempts to roll back the spying powers of the government have all failed. This power is only expanding and it’s going to get harder for people to protect themselves against the government when they abuse this power. The last time (in 2018) libertarian-leaning Republicans and a handful of Democrats wanted to strip the government of some of its mass surveillance power, it failed.

“It became quickly apparent that leading Democrats intended to side with Trump and against those within their own party who favored imposing safeguards on the Trump administration’s ability to engage in domestic surveillance,” The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald wrote at the time.

“The most bizarre aspect of this spectacle was that the Democrats who most aggressively defended Trump’s version of the surveillance bill—the Democrats most eager to preserve Trump’s spying powers as virtually limitless—were the very same Democratic House members who have become media stars this year by flamboyantly denouncing Trump as a treasonous, lawless despot in front of every television camera they could find.”

We continue to be on the look-out for the time machine to transport all innocent souls to another realm, away from the apathetic, the insipid, the moronic, and all disengaged beings who are left, satisfied to query each other of what they were doing at 9:01 this morning, being content that such a mind-boggling text gives their lives meaning.

Until we find that time machine, innocents mentally soil themselves, wondering what kind of god put them here in the first place!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mykola Leontovych: “Carol of the Bells” (Ukranian Bell Carol)

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash


  1. “Until we find that time machine, innocents mentally soil themselves, wondering what kind of god put them here in the first place!”

    And they didn’t even have the chance to say NO!

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