A Grey Day in Purgatory

“A Grey Day in Purgatory”

A Short Story


It was a grey day in Purgatory.

Thousands of souls had checked into Purgatory the previous night, casting about millions of dissatisfied thoughts they had with the dawn of their new day.

The day started with the first Sun never rising, and the second Sun deciding to take a lower path around Purgatory.  Something was awry with the celestial programming.

The prevalent thought among the new arrivals this day was: “Where in the hell am I?”

Simon, the speckled-haired white, orange, grey, Australian Shepherd Dog, was on duty – his job to assimilate the new arrivals.

“I was good enough to avoid a further continuation of earthly hell, why am I here?,” one newly arrived soul bemoaned.

“Ah, one of the non-observant,” Simon started in…”let’s review your day-to-day activities during your 70 years.” With that, the newbie disappeared.

“This is my normal.  This is my everyday,” Simon began, as he talked to the reporter from the tabloid, ‘The Other Side”.

“Rarely do we encounter a soul, who, for the life of them, can understand why they are here, completely perplexed that they haven’t gained immediate access to the other side.  They haven’t come to terms with their lives lived in apathy, in indifference, seeped in willful ignorance, thinking they knew completely of the heavens ways – how do you get them to care, how do you get them to understand their willful ignorance here in the eternal way station, when they never cared before for anything outside their continuous held belief that they were right and everyone else was wrong…no matter what.  I suppose, over the next couple of thousands of years here, they’ll come to understand.”

“How many souls come through here each day,” the reporter asked.

“We really don’t keep track of the number but we estimate it’s at least a few thousand souls each day,” Simon said.  “Most are easily sequenced – those who loved too much of the earthly – whether it be a deviant fascination of certain body parts, or an admiration of shysters, jokesters and frauds, or just their continued fascination with themselves, neglecting even a forethought of others…well, such souls, which numbers in the thousands, need at least a couple of thousand of years to sort through their ignorance, imbalance and stupidity.”

“But weren’t each of these souls given, either a lesser or greater degree of ability to discern the awfulness of truth – why should the lessors reside in this grey dome for few thousand years because some of the sub-mediocrities weren’t gifted with the mental acumen that mere mediocrities were given in the first place?’

“I’ve pondered that one much of late,” Simon began. “Of course, I don’t write the rules of the universe, but what I have found with holding this post for the last 20,000 earth years is that those who choose to reside here, were the indifferent of their time – some to a lesser degree, some to a greater degree.  But they were all indifferent to any other belief, other than their own.”

“So, those who truly cared and demonstrated their care of others while on Earth”…

“While on the way-station, you mean,” Simon interrupted.

“Yes, while on the way-station – are you saying that the indifferent must all stay here for a few thousand years before allowed entry to the other side?”

“There are two sides,” Simon said. “It’s quite easy to understand. Politicians, media honkers, government dimwits, any and all who spent their lives lying, and more importantly, chosing to lie to themselves, and in turn, to their loved ones…they know all, in their minds, and cast into Gehenna all others who disagree with them. Yet for those who think as such, the other side that they shall endure is the side of eternal ugliness, supreme loneliness and complete silence…until they yearn for truth – which can take thousands of years for such a wayward soul to discern.

But for those who are different…well, let me give you an example.

Recently, we had a soul mix-up here.  Through some cosmic glitch, a soul made their way here who shouldn’t have.

The last words she spoke was…’I’d take a bullet for my dog’.

Now, such advanced thinking – well, such a soul should have by-passed the in-between…for all knowledge, all of the eternal, all of the heavenly love that any soul must realize before entering the other side, is succinctly summed up with the last words she uttered.

What is the ‘earthly saying’…people believe their own bullshit? Those who do are the souls who filter through here each day.

And how few souls dare to venture outside their own bullshit, yet condemn all other souls who try.

Those innocents who try are beyond this way station – no matter how the souls of ignorance protest.”


Tonight’s musical offering:

Time/The Great Gig In The Sky – Pink Floyd Surround Sound

Photo by Tom MB on Unsplash




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