Possibly the End of Your Site…and Mine

As America is being dismantled, piece by agonizing piece, one waits for God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who started this paradise that we’ve allowed psychopath’s and non-humans to turn into a shit hole, to intervene, and let upon the land their breath of finality to the insanity that grows each day.

The House Votes in Favor of Disastrous Copyright Bill – via activistpost.com

Stay reading dear children, as this heap of dung that the House voted today in favor of (406-10) will end you reading any offerings from this disastrous website, and will possibly keep you on the sidelines from posting the latest meanderings of your mind on your website.

The House of Representatives has just voted in favor of the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (CASE Act) by 410-6 (with 16 members not voting), moving forward a bill that Congress has had no hearings and no debates on so far this session.

The CASE Act creates a new body in the Copyright Office which will receive copyright complaints, notify the person being sued, and then decide if money is owed and how much. This new Copyright Claims Board will be able to fine people up to $30,000 per proceeding. Worse, if you get one of these notices (maybe an email, maybe a letter—the law actually does not specify) and accidentally ignore it, you’re on the hook for the money with a very limited ability to appeal. $30,000 could bankrupt or otherwise ruin the lives of many Americans.

What is this f**kery?

Keep reading.

What the CASE Act Does and Why it is a Disaster for Internet Users

The CASE Act creates a new tribunal separate from the federal judiciary (this is part of the constitutional problem) and places it within the Copyright Office. This agency has a sad history of industry capture, and often takes its cues from major content companies as opposed to average Americans. The new tribunals will receive complaints from rightsholders (anyone that has taken a photo, video, or written something) and will issue a “notice” to the party being sued.

The CASE Act Radically Changes Copyright Law

One of the most disastrous changes to copyright law the bill creates is granting huge statutory damages to copyright owners who haven’t even registered their works. Under current law, if you copy a work that isn’t registered—meaning, the vast majority of things that are shared by users every single day—you’re only on the hook for the copyright owner’s actual economic loss. This is called “actual damages,” and very often, it’s $0. Under CASE, however, every copyrighted work will automatically eligible for $30,000 in damages—whether or not the owner has bothered to register it.

Under current law, when I take a photo of my kids and someone shares it without my permission, the most I can sue them for is nearly always $0. The CASE Act is a radical departure from this sensible rule. If it passes, sharing most of what you see online—photos, videos, writings, and other works—means risking crippling liability. – via eff.org

No wonder the House of Representative passed this piece of shit legislation with an overwhelming majority.  You being informed of their chicanery will be deep-sixed into the cosmic dump.  Just what they want.

You expressing a voice outside what the corporate a-holes approve…well, forget about it.

You seeking the truth…just continue to do what Americans do best – bury your head up your arse and don’t question.

Of course, there is something you can do about this – at the very least add some resistance to this f**kery…

Even though the House has passed the CASE Act, we can still stop it in the Senate. Tell your Senators to vote “no” on the CASE Act.

Take Action

Tell the Senate not bankrupt regular Internet users

Or not…I mean, don’t we all want the Internet reduced to cute kitten videos, or videos admonishing us that if we don’t submit to whatever f**kery these demons conjure up, resisting their madness of the matrix they willingly cast us into, that our only choice left for us is to join, or slowly die?

Tis the madness we willingly bend over for.

“Every man is a creature of the age in which he lives and few are able to raise themselves above the ideas of the time.” ― Voltaire


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 – 4th Movement (final moments) – Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

“What you are, you are by accident of birth; what I am, I am by myself. There are and will be a thousand princes; there is only one Beethoven.” – Ludwig van Beethoven – Letter to Prince Karl Lichnowsky, 1806



    1. no one today will do that! American’s have passed the point of no return. They have gone quietly into the gas chamber. no protest. no defiance. except for a few….so few you won’t notice them! The rest…they hide under bed’s. sit in the corner with their box in hand. not noticing anything….it is too late! a 100 years too late…mad as hell….yes…but we are alone in that!

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  1. There are many for, and against, this. It may have passed the House but, the Senate is another matter. Google has gotten the ACLU in on the game (against it) so the EFF isn’t alone. The $30,000 number is actually a cap of sorts. The max amount for one item infringed is $15,000. The $30,000 is the total amount, meaning, total charges altogether. This is all small claims so, suing people for single infringements at $30,000 a pop is misleading. This has the potential to really blow up if it passes.

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  2. Excellent article, Decker!! Time to get up out of our sofa or chair and start demanding some sort of meaningful change instead of all insanity dreamed up by crazy politicians bought and paid for by people with too much money and too little brains!!!

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  3. I just read about this the other day. If this passes the senate, I am deleting my blog, and this will pass in the senate. This government has screwed me and mine enough already.

    Contacting a senator is a waste of time. These bought and paid for stooges are owned by the powers that want this bill passed. These inbred, elite vermin are not going to change, until Americans start following the lead of their Chilean and Spanish brothers and sisters. And I doubt this will ever happen here.

    As you know, this is all moving us in a completely totalitarian direction. Orwell and Huxley were either privy to this information back then, or they were prophets of the first order.

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  4. On a lighter note, I ran across this the other day. This is from an album I am on with my college band. Unfortunately, the arranger and pianist died of a brain tumor at the age of 35 or 36, while being director of jazz studies at the University of South Carolina. He was not only a marvelous musician, he was also a wonderful man, husband and father.

    I hope you enjoy it:

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  5. Oh, God. Surely quotes, with citation, are ok? And SHAREABLE updates, tweets, videos, and blog posts with a visible re-blog button are OK to, well, share? It would be the height of deception, and entrapment, to invite someone to share a creative piece, and then sue them for doing just that.

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