“If We Are Related…We Shall Meet”

“If we are related, we shall meet.

It was a tradition of the ancient world, that no metamorphosis could hide a god from a god; and there is a Greek verse which runs, “The Gods are to each other not unknown.”

Friends also follow the laws of divine necessity; they gravitate to each other, and cannot otherwise.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emerson’s Essays

As so many are disconnected from the soil, disconnected from themselves, and disconnected from their souls – more connected to a plastic phone, screen, or to the constant propaganda from non-humans and psychopath’s who seek nothing more than to keep us disconnected from ourselves and our souls, and from one another, the time has come where we must each shed the absolute filth offered by these demons and acknowledge the warrior and warrioress’s within each of us who has been buried.

I know not of the day or hour…who can. But I know something is upon us – the collapse is upon us, and is already underway.

Brain dead minds, ranting on about the insanity concocted by the truly deviant, thinking that if we eliminate CO 2, that all will be right, yet not giving a second of care to research just a bit and find out that the trees and plants live off CO 2, and in turn provide oxygen to all living things.  Simple.  But in circus of the insane that the non-humans have created, we must eliminate that which sustains us.

The poisonous air we breath comes from these demons sick and twisted idea of controlling the weather.  Geo-engineering or climate engineering of the weather has been going on for decades, bringing about the calamities innocents suffer from weather manipulation.  It is not result of humans simply breathing. Breathing the toxic shyte pumped into the air we breathe is giving us, and those our elderly loved ones in the present…Alzheimer’s, dementia and other mental diseases given to us by psychopath’s.

An on-going avalanche of chemicals sprayed on the food we eat, capsulated in the pills we down, neatly contained in the poke of chemicals in the arm to ward off illness and disease that profiteers tell us must be taken – all are part the scam.

Setting up and maintaining a system of picking the red pill or the blue bill, electing one party over another who will bring nirvana is the chump’s hope.

Look back over the last 50 or more years.  The wars are still there, the suffering of our homeless, our veterans, our elderly, our sick and suffering brethren are still there. The poisons the non-humans spew out upon the lands are still there, and the toxic sludge from these minds infest the innocents’ minds, then take root, and grow into utter insanity, is still there.

I know not the day or the hour of the on-coming collapse, and there’s a good chance I’m wrong, or then again, maybe not. But when nearly everything that is natural, that is good, that is decent, that is kind – has been turned on its head and cast as evil – how much longer before the gods say ‘enough’.

You know it  – it’s in your bones – no matter how many f**king times you check your cell phones for messages of insipidness.

You know it in your heart and soul, no matter how many times you’ve ignored it. The awakening is here., and here.




Whether it is you reading this, or me reading your offerings – we are related… and we shall meet.




From Graham Hancock’s blog, December 1st, 2018

There is so much division in the world today, so much hatred, so much fear, so much suspicion and so much greed that our species seems close to tearing itself apart and rendering the Earth uninhabitable in the process.

What fools we are to allow such a state of affairs to persist, and to allow politicians and religious mis-leaders – for their own short-term gain — to divide us from one another in order to rule us.

Brothers and sisters, wherever we are, no matter on which land or under which political or religious system chance brought us to be born, the time has come to awaken from this nightmare of our own making and remember the truth about ourselves — that we are all members of one family, no matter how widely scattered, that none of us have the slightest justification to claim superiority over any other, and that we all share the same hopes, fears, courage, fragility and capacity for love.

United we stand. It is just plain madness to continue to allow ourselves to be divided and defined by the artificial barriers of nation, race or creed. We must remember our common humanity, remember that we are one family, and put that realisation first before all other considerations if our species is to survive the challenges of the coming years and return once again to being good stewards of this precious garden of a planet. – Via  Vic Bishop, Staff writer for WakingTimes.com.

We are related…and we shall meet – whether here, before the f**kery from the demons is completed, or in the next life…we shall meet. And I look forward to it.

In the meantime, before the collapse comes….please, become the warrior in you.  For you, and your loved ones – those innocents in your life not as strong as you – stand for them…and stand for yourselves.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Arvo Pärt: Spiegel im Spiegel – Leonhard Roczek – Cello; Herbert Schuch – Piano

Photo by Ryan Parker on Unsplash




  1. Great post, Decker!!! : ) ❤
    As long as there is spirit and love there is hope for mankind and for me it seems as if we have reached as far towards insanity as it is humanly possible and thus the pendulum must turn back towards sanity again and more of us will meet and celebrate! 🙂

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