Evidently, God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins who started this circus, decided at the time of their creative efforts that it would be good fun to let loose a stench-filled batch of non-humans, sub-humans and psychopath’s upon the terra firma, just to see what might happen.

Good fun if you might happen to have a bit of a ghoulish sense of humor and also happen to reside in some heavenly redoubt several million light years away and can turn on the universal telly and watch the daily madness.

For the suffering here, it is proper f**kery each and every day.

Until the creators or another alien species comes along, deciding that enough horse dung has been heaped upon innocents throughout the entire, relentless and painfully moronic charade this all has become, we are left to shift through the daily dump of dung from liars, psychopath’s and psychopath’s in training.

But it’s relatively easy to shift through the horseshit, for these psychopath’s do one thing really well – they lie from the moment they open their crust infested eyes to a new day where they salivate over whatever shitf**kery of the day they can advance for their profits and your misery:

One of the greatest threats facing peaceful nations today,” said the Commander-in-Chief (in his speech at the United Nations General Assembly) of a military whose forces occupied 70 percent of the world’s countries in 2016, “is the repressive regime in Iran.” Iran’s citizens deserve a government that doesn’t “steal their money to fund and massacre abroad and at home,” declared the leader of a country where more than half of federal discretionary spending goes to fund the government’s military adventures. – via RT.com

Aw, shucks – what a bitch! Old age brings about many things – one of them being dementia, provided, in part, by the daily toxic shyte in the form of electromagnetic goo, geo-engineering of the weather, GMO poisonings and that ever fun poke in the arm of chemical f**kery provided, for profit, by Big Pharma hellions.

Obviously, the orange hair piece forgot to make note (accidentally, on purpose) of the 20 million the US has killed in 37 nations since WW II. Oh, those nagging details that no one really wants to know or think about. But in the meantime, forget that shyte for Washington has its sights on another sovereign country to bomb back to the stone age.

Then we have the mounting hysteria about climate change, provided by charlatans, hypocrites, Hollywood and corporate media shysters, who are coming after you because it is YOU that is contributing to climate change.

And if you think these liars and hypocrites are going to give up their SUV’s, their mansions, their flying on private planes, their plastic containers of water, their steaks, their lifestyles – not a snowball’s chance in hell that will happen – for they have to jet about the world, telling the innocents that is they who are the problem of a problem that these same government and corporate demons have created with their climate engineering of the weather.

And how can you be assured of that….just pay attention to what they do, how they live, compared to the f**kery coming out of their pie holes telling YOU what YOU must sacrifice in order to save the planet.

Climate Scientists Write To UN: There Is No Climate Emergency

A group of 500 esteemed scientists and professionals in climate science have officially notified the United Nations that there is no climate crisis and that spending trillions on a non-problem is ‘cruel and imprudent’.

This letter will not make it into national or global media, nor will it cause the UN to change its ways. If these same scientists understood Technocracy, they would change their battle strategy. ⁃ TN Editor – via technocracy.news

The UN won’t be listening to these 500 scientists.  No, no no – instead we have the Pope telling us that we must obey the United Nations.  Jesus, Mary & Joseph! And all along I thought we were told to obey God’s commandments!

Swedish ‘Sustainable Food’ Project Teaches Kids to Eat Insects, Garbage – via sputnik news.com

Swedish scientist advocates eating humans to combat climate change – via bigthink.com

Will the AOC’s, the Bono types, the Greta youngsters, the Obama’s (who recently decided to purchase a $13 million dollar estate on Martha’s Vineyard, an island surrounded by the rising ocean’s waters) and all other political and elite hypocrites – will they stop riding in their SUV’s; stop having those SUV’s picking up their children from the private schools they attend; stop flying in their private jets where they lecture the “useless eaters” of what they must do that they will never do; stop eating meat, and instead start eating insects and garbage to save the planet, start bicycling to and from their 6 figure jobs, start setting their thermostats in their mansions to extreme cold in the Winter and extreme heat in the Summer, forego a lifestyle of a carbon imprint that by itself could be responsible to for climate warming, climate change, climate cooling, or any other f**kery they concoct? When hell freezes over!

After all…isn’t the truth, the truth of the reality of what you endure every day – doesn’t it lay to waste what these demons subscribe for you?

Yes, it does!

“It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.” ― Noël Coward, Blithe Spirit


Tonight’s musical offering:

Chicago – LV Director’s Cut

Режиссёская версия музыкального видео Леонид Воробьёв и Друзья: Кавер на песню группы ЧИКАГО – Brand New Love Affair

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash


  1. In 2002, I was doing a music project in Nashville, Tennessee. And this was about the time that Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” bullshit was being pandered to the mindless, madding herd. As it turned out, Al’s mansion in Nashville, at the time, had been using the energy equivalent of thirty-two Nashville families, each and every year.

    Disgusting, obnoxious-beyond-belief liars, hypocrites, criminals and psychopaths all, as you point out so well!

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