She Reached Out Her Hand…

You’ve heard them…you’ve come across them – some of them may be semi-friends of yours, or distant relatives.

They boldly proclaim such brilliances as the following:

“This is the year of my growth.  I’m starting a new career path (in my mid-forties). I’m embarking upon a new journey of self-awareness.”  – Oh, bejesus!

Now… individuals making up their own magnificent shyte for themselves and only themselves to believe in is one thing, but making up magnificent shyte that you sell to innocents as something good and noble, is another thing.

Health Impact News

Del Bigtree and reporter Jefferey Jaxen covered the recent national news regarding the opioid criminal charges against Big Pharma.

Purdue Pharma is trying to file for bankruptcy to avoid more legal litigation, and Johnson and Johnson is facing serious charges of criminal intent over OxyContin.

Johnson and Johnson was also just convicted of including asbestos in its popular baby powder product.

This raises the question as to why the public is asked to believe that one class of pharmaceutical products is supposedly immune from the criminal intentions of Big Pharma, as they claim that these products are completely “safe and effective”: vaccines.

Watch the report from High Wire (starts at the 30:39 point):


But there is real magnificence. It happens everyday. It’s tucked away in places that only maybe you see.

Visiting my dad today, suffering from Parkinson’s, now in it’s 5th year, cared for in a nursing care facility, I was in the dining hall, waiting for his lunch to arrive.

A patient, if you will, a resident more appropriately – a woman of maybe 80 years started to make her way towards me, coming from a corner of the dining hall.

She was still in her nightgown, having a gaze upon me of that of someone who was reaching out for nothing other than a hand to hold.

She got closer to me, extended her hand.  I took it, and felt a softness that I’ve never experienced.

I asked her, “where do you want to go”.  She repeated my words back to me, “where do you want to go.”  My sister who was with me asked her, “do you want to have some lunch”, she repeated, “do you want to have some lunch.”

One of the nurses said that this is what this blessed soul does each and every day, repeating the last phrase from a human that she’s heard all day, every day…EXCEPT when…

After lunch was over, and as I left my dear father to sleep in his room, bringing respite from the sufferings that is his “everyday”, I heard voices singing in the hallway.

I looked down the hallway, seeing a nurse stride along with the resident – the same resident who offered her hand to me in the dining hall just an hour before.

She was singing along with the nurse walking along side of her, tunes from the 40’s and 50’s, in perfect pitch, and with perfect memory of the words from the song of which she was singing.

The nurse at the front desk told me, that this is her everyday. She repeats whatever words she hears, but then, when a tune is sung, she will sing with glorious clarity of the songs sung.

Music, it appears, is the last to leave us. Music, in all its wondrous forms, we keep in our hearts and minds – forever.

I shall see this woman again.  And if she once again offers me her hand, I will take it, and sing along with her of the songs that allows her soul to sing of the things her mind will no longer allow.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Arvo Pärt: “Spiegel im Spiegel” – Leonhard Roczek – Cello, Herbert Schuch – Piano



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