Tis Madness

Living in the sub-mundane, surrounded by sub-mediocrities consumed with trifles of  stupidity and ignorance, trudging along each day trying to avoid land mines of dung thrown about our paths by psychopath’s set to transform whatever good, whatever truth, whatever shred of beauty might be left to pieces of unrecognizable rot – the thinking soul pauses often and reflects, sadly, that it all is mostly a crock of shyte and it stinketh mightily.

When fellow homo sapiens are boasting that their local company have been successful in chipping their employees so that they don’t have to remember a f**kin’ thing other than to show up to work…and work, well, it’s one more grim brick of f**kery in the wall.

But it’s the start the of mad season of sports, a bit of fairer weather (Autumn), followed by invented holidays to extract more cash out of our pockets by dressing up like whatever madcap cartoon character or lovable animal in order to extract GMO laced candy from fellow sub-mediocrities, followed by the madness of buying trifles of junk to celebrate the b-day of baby Jesus – how we continue to accept being reamed up the arse.

And Jesus wept.

I turn 64 in a month or so (who cares, I really don’t). The only thing that continues to  boggle the mind of this somewhat aged malcontent is how we continue to march along, in lockstep with our own demise.

Listen to the lunatics…listen to their offerings.  Listen to the side effects from taking their pharmaceutical wonders splashed unashamedly about on their mind-numbing television commercials; read their insert of the wonders from the taking a poke in the arm of their vile of chemical goo; tune into the corporate media and the government propaganda du jour they hype. None it promotes beauty or truth. It promotes ugliness and apathy – a throwing up of the arms – giving way to surrender ourselves to these demons’ dreams.

24/7 surveillance of our lives – who cares.  Genetically modified everything – I can’t be bothered. Climate engineering of the weather…say what? And electromagnetic poisonings of the first order, doing the cumulative yet effective slow-kill of each of us – I instead choose ignorance, and in the end, cowardice…that keeps me feeling secure that I won’t rock the boat of f**kery  from these psychopath’s – dutifully going down with the ship of absolute insanity – obsessed with the next great outhouse of distractions that keeps me from caring, from knowing, from researching, from casting aside the evil…that is what keeps me swallowing their shyte.

Tis madness.

Ignorance of the sickness of ourselves and what we endure from the hands of madmen, allows the infiltration of psychosis to penetrate our souls, our hearts and minds…to the point where we sacrifice our own lives, and those of our loved ones, to the ass heap in Hell.


Tonight’s musical offering

(for those, like this jag-off writer, who might have a bit of a time letting go of the madness at days end:)

Leonard Slatkin conducts this touching, brief piece by George Gershwin – Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Gershwin – Lullaby for string orchestra

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash




    1. All these years, and I’ve never known another Libra. So nice to finally have “met” another Libra. I thought we were a vanishing “breed”. 😉 thank you for your kind words. Cheers!

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      1. happy birthday! i will say it and i mean it truly….i hope it is a happy day because without your birthday i would not be reading this today! and it is BRILLIANT, WISE, and always give me lots to think about!! it is indeed a happy day…the day you were born.

        Liked by 1 person

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