How We Have Digressed

On a typical day here in the portion of the West (U.S) where the asylum is located, you can scan the horizon, with mostly unobstructed views of mountains, 40, 50 or more miles away, that is if you’re looking up from the hand-held radiation device in your hand.

On the same typical day, if you’re looking for vermin, nutjobs, psychopath’s and other assorted non-humans, they are everywhere to be seen by the human eye.

They run the corporations; they snooze, drool and fart their way through another day as a government “official” on your dime; they are lizards who occupy media and entertainment positions, generally found on Gehenna’s list of rotted souls who will assume eternal groom of the stool duties for Beelzebub and his buddies in the near future.

They start the wars, they poison the food we eat, the water we drink with their concoctions of hazardous waste materials that they sell and we purchase. They also do other nasty shyte to ensure that our knowledge of the riches that God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins who started this circus gifted to all, are either censored or just outright eliminated – you know, the modern era of book burning.

Amazon Removes Documentaries Showing Better Ways to Fight Disease – via

And the better ways to fight the diseases that these corporate shysters encourage, with their creation of toxins, certainly doesn’t exclude the pharmaceutical f**ks and their vat of vileness they offer as the only way to treat sickness, illness and disease.

Having customers for life means you have to stay sick, coming back to these demons for more of their chemical f**kery and its host of side effects, for which they, of course, have yet another chemical for you to ingest.

And Jesus wept.

Back a few hundred years or so ago, when the great musical geniuses (Mozart/Beethoven) of the times were still around, composing their tears and joys from the heavens – the concerts premiering their works would commonly be interrupted by thunderous applause, and demands from those in attendance to repeat the 2nd, 3rd, 4th movements, or even the entire piece being premiered, because they recognized beauty, genius, love and mystical elegance.

How we have digressed, where we only believe in the shyte offerings of shysters, charlatans, dickheads and degenerates.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Ludwig van Beethoven:  Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92 (2nd Movement) – Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra –  Iván Fischer, Conductor

Photo credit:


  1. well said. i completely agree! I think the most important word the human species has failed to learn the meaning and power of is NO! The 2nd is the power ostracizing their fellow humans. Instead of giving a pass to those who do us harm. Stop dealing with them. turn your back, walk away. even if they are family. close the shop door. don’t sell to them. Don’t buy from them. Don’t talk to them. brutal gov’t goons, cops, thugs. tax collector. tree cutters. you name it. make them accountable for what THEY CHOOSE TO DO. The harm they cause should thrown back in their face. Sadly, people give them a pass!

    ”they are just doing their job” is one pass for people who do harm to others or planet and its life forms.
    ”They have to earn a living”…on and on and on it goes…excuse after excuse.

    Add to that the power of NO! No i fight your wars. No I won’t carry out your laws..No I won’t obey you. No I will not work a job that does harm to others. NO. i will not accept lies. No I will not accept abuse to myself and others. No…no…..NO!

    simple but it is the first word we learn and the first one we are programmed to forget at an early age. or sometimes it is beaten out of us.

    Thank you for your excellent posts all week. I read and re-read each and every one. Burning them into my brain as my memory isn’t as good as used to be. Chemtrail fog destroys brain cells.

    Love your music too!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your brilliant observations and thoughts. And thank you for your kind words as well. I’m with you, my memory isn’t as good as it use to be…chemtrail fog and electromagnetic goo all about us…but we fight on. Cheers!

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