Rolling Down the Two-Lane

It was a dusky evening heading into the sunset after a long summer day on the road.

Not a car to be seen traveling down the two-lane in the middle of Montana.

Montana is known as the big sky state.  I had never thought much of it until that evening.

Maybe it was a combination of the music playing on the radio and the sunlight filtering upon the hills and sky that made me pull off on to the side of the road.

Aaron Copland’s piece “Our Town” was playing on the radio.  I kept the radio playing, stepped out of the car and looked up, and there it was…this huge, magnificent sky.

A combination of the music and the sky above and all around, with not a soul to be seen, gives one a sense of how incredibly small one is, yet how grand it is that one has been given a life to see such things.

Back when I stepped out of my car some 40 years ago, I still remember the first thought that came to mind after catching my breath from the sheer beauty of what was all around me – that being, age.

I was in my 20’s back then, thought I knew a thing or two but quickly came to understand how little I knew, standing under an expanse of beauty created thousands, millions, billions of years ago…who knows for sure.

I thought of my grandparents and all of what they endured growing up during the Depression. I thought of the old ranchers and farmers I’d visited on this trip, listening to the stories of their lives, slightly jealous of their experiences, jealous of the wisdom they’d attained.

I wondered if I would make it to their age, and if so, would I remember this moment.

I can’t send along a photo of the exact spot I was at in Montana that early evening, though it did look quite like the photo in this post, but I can send along the music that was playing, and if you care to listen, perhaps you too will be taken back to a moment in your life of lovely, wonderful, elegant and overpowering magnificence.


Aaron Copland – Our Town Suite – Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra – Daniel Sommerville, conductor

Photo credit:


  1. I had a similar experience in Montreux, Switzerland (1978). Early one morning I was walking along the shoreline of Lake Geneva, and sat down on a bench near the water. The Alps were in front and in back of me, and I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty and majesty that enveloped me.

    At this point in my life, I was twenty-eight at the time, I had rejected my religious upbringing and was seeking to become an atheist. Well, this overwhelming experience had thrown a wrench into the works, for as I sat there, this thought kept running through my mind and heart: “All of this beauty could have not come about by mere chance and mutation.”

    Looking back, over the years, I have come to realize that my life had been changed by that experience; I would never again look at the beauty and majesty of the creation and not be moved by it.

    So thank you for sharing this.

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    1. Wonderful experience of yours! Indeed, “all of this beauty could have not come about by mere chance and mutation”. Absolutely perfect! Thank you for your sharing. Cheers!

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