Space Guano

“The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

With news that makes your heart pound and your mind soar beyond the painted night time sky, or something like that, NASA is earning every penny of its $19 Billion budget for just this year, coming up with shyte like this:

NASA headed towards giant golden asteroid that could make everyone on Earth a billionaire – via

NASA is eyeing up a nearby asteroid that contains enough gold to make everyone on Earth a billionaire.

Psyche 16 is nestled between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and is made of solid metal.

As well as gold, the mysterious object is loaded with heaps of platinum, iron and nickel.

In total, it’s estimated that Psyche’s various metals are worth a gargantuan $10,000 quadrillion.

That means if we carried it back to Earth, it would destroy commodity prices and cause the world’s economy – worth $75.5 trillion – to collapse.

We’ve known about Psyche 16 for a while, but its potential to cause havoc on Earth was recently touched upon by a veteran miner.

But bringing back an asteroid of this value could completely wipe out our global economy.

Fortunately, the space agency is taking the trip for scientific purposes and isn’t planning on conducting any mining.

OMG…please Amy, tell us what this is…

Proper f**kery, indeed.

“heaps of platinum, iron and nickel,” and all whole helluva lot of purified bat guano, and all for a few billion – what a deal!

the unimpressed

The folks in Flint, Michigan…who can’t seem to get non-lethal drinking water for the past five years, or the innocents both here and in sovereign nations whose lives might be spared if the psychopaths in Washington spread a bit of the $19 Billion spent on artists renderings of space guano, or of the $700 Billion+ sent to the military industrial complex to end lives, instead toward the assistance of their living, breathing, fellow homo sapiens here on Mother Earth – think what might be accomplished.

And the asteroid is even properly named….”psyche”, or translated appropriately…”sucker”…to the American tax payer!


Tonight’s musical offering:

(For out of this world sensory enjoyment – full screen, headphones on, and volume way up, and stay with it till the end, just a brief 2 minutes, and you just might be blasted to the asteroid before the clowns at NASA arrive….”pysche”…sort of !)

Richard Strauss: “Also sprach Zarathustra” / Gustavo Dudamel, conductor · Berliner Philharmoniker

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  1. i always find it mind boggling that nasa is able to say without a doubt that they ”found” gold…having never been there in person somehow they have a giant divining rod and are able to say for sure it contains precious metals. or that a planet they see through a telescope has ”air” and ”water” and supports our kind of life….yeah really!? you can tell all that from looking through the looking glass alice?seriously? and people believe it…they food feed it to the masses and they eat it. having of course never been to another planet they can tell for sure what kind of water, air, and environment. viruses and the like are on it. just by looking through a telescope…!! wow…and they are not laughed off the stage of life? !! what is wrong with this picture that ANYONE….ANYONE…BELIEVES THEM!!

    They are paid liars…they rack in billions of dollars a year to create a science fiction story and people keep buying into it. amazing our species hasn’t died out yet!

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  2. Imagine what all of this NASA extravagance, over the last half century, could have done for humanity and the planet. We can’t take care of ourselves and this planet, but we can play massively, obscenely expensive nerd games in space. Go figure! A lunatic asylum, at best.

    On a lighter note, have you seen the following?

    What a nightmare! This young man is amazing. I would have seized up and went into my fetal position;-)

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    1. Great comment…thank you! Indeed, a lunatic asylum at best. And thanks for the link. I had not seen it…and thanks for the laugh…I too would have went into my fetal position too. Cheers!

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  3. Well that just made my day! It’s really life-affirming for me to know that NASA is getting creative again, whoever came up with this brilliant scam should run for America’s Next Top President. Plus, we get the added bonus that folks will have something else noteworthy to discuss than the fake moon landing, finally.

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