The Blessed Spirits Before Us, Watching Out for Us Now

It was 3:00 A.M.

I woke up and groggily made my way into the kitchen for a drink of water. I’ve done this several times during my life – all without incident.

Last night, however…the early morning refresher took on a different sketch.

As I swallowed the last gulp of water, put the glass down on the counter and started to make my way back to the sleeping chamber, something went terribly wrong.

Due to my own two feet getting in each other’s way, or that my constant companion of peripheral neuropathy caused me to jitter and jive when I shouldn’t…whatever the cause, I found myself in a free fall.

thumbnail_IMG_1241The kitchen at the asylum leads to a basement. In order to get to the basement, there is a steep set of wooden stairs, eleven of them, that must be navigated. The incline is so steep that Sir Henry won’t even bother the attempt.

Within a second of the free fall, I was at the top of the stairs, frantically grabbing for something to stop my descent. First, I grabbed for the wall, then for the railing. I had a flash of thought that there was no hope – that I was about to roll down the staircase – with either many broken bones, or even loss of life awaiting me.

Then, in the next second, I felt a power of support.  As my body was headed to the bottom of the staircase, a surge of support instantly buffeted me, allowing me a split second to grab the railing, to steady my body, and come to a standstill on the 3rd stair, averting a tasty bit of shittery had I reached the bottom.

There is no explanation, in my pea-sized brain, of where this support was coming from.  Surely, given my age and health issues, I was not capable of producing such power or energy of my own accord – so, where was this sudden found strength coming from?

As I was getting a hydrotherapy treatment for my neuropathy just yesterday, the angel that is my doctor, mentioned her thoughts of our relatives, our kin, our brethren who have passed on to the next life, and how they are still with us to help, to guide us, to support us…if only we might call upon them.

Those of my relatives and friends, now loosened from the chains and insanity of this life…I attempt to talk to them regularly.

I’ve never been sure they have heard me…until now.  For, whether they are now angels, or souls in the next life traversing the heavens in worlds unimaginable to those of us still entrapped in this sludge of insanity…last night, they were there with me, for a second or two, to provide strength, care and love from beyond.

And your’s are there for you too.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Gluck – “Dance of the Blessed Spirits”

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  1. my thought is you had a surge of kinetic energy…telekinetic. you moved yourself! you had a surge of magic from your own aura…your own natural god given abilities…we all have that capability but we tend to ignore or dismiss them or are conditioned out of believing we are capable of it. you just experienced it…! i don’t believe our dead have the ability to move objects or people. I believe that we are given certain abilities to help us through life and they sometimes seem like miracles when it was your own spark of what may seem to be magic…glad you were not hurt and were saved whatever it was.

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  2. I am grateful to hear that you were spared serious injury, Decker. Perhaps you are correct in your belief that it was an unseen presence that buffered your fall. My life has been blessed with ancestors and wise beings who have made themselves known in times of danger (e.g., a seat-belt warning going off even though it was disconnected when I fell asleep at the wheel during a couple of long drives many years apart in different vehicles) or when I had lost my way (an ancestor appearing to me to sternly warn me to remember what is important in life when I was caught up in the possibility of “success” in academia at the expense of more important, humble contributions). Perhaps these experiences mean our work “here” is not yet done…

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