Just Following Orders

If only the “leaders” of the shit-show they are heaping upon those “just following orders” could be replaced with potato’s, think how much better our lives would be.

Consider poor Merck:

Merck Profits Soar as MMR Measles Vaccine Increases 27% to $496 Million in 2019 – via healthimpactnews.com

Given the fact the U.S. law prevents anyone from suing Merck if a vaccine injury or death occurs from their vaccines, and that the U.S. Government via the CDC is the largest purchaser of vaccines to the tune of $5 billion per year, the vaccine industry has become perhaps the most lucrative market in the history of the world.

Now that’s some neat shyte!  Create a product of chemical goo, put the scare of beelzebub in everyone that if you don’t take a poke of their f**kery, you could very well…get sick, but if you do get sick from their f**kery...hey, don’t bother the dickheads…they’re not liable.

We’re just following orders.

And the mainstream media, in this particular case, NBC, vomit out their propaganda and photo manipulation to ensure you’re pleasantly frightened enough with their BS, that you’ll do your duty and get in line to get the jab of what their number one advertiser produces – that same chemical concoction of goo that the company who just experienced a 27% increase in profits in 2019 produces – Merck.

Who would have thought of the chances of such layered shyte?

(A Dozen Facts About Measles That You Won’t Learn From MSPharmedia – By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of the Board, Children’s Health Defense)

It’s Friday night at the Asylum. Which basically means nothing. Except maybe that we wonder if so many continue to step in line, and either ingest, inhale, take the jab, sit in silence, ignore, and drink deeply of these psychopaths f**kery, thinking somebody will do something, and maybe even thinking that Jesus will come to right the insanity of the era – we’re led to remember that even Jesus upset the cart of government f**kery of the time he lived.

Evidently, he keeps waiting for us to follow his lead.

“Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself.” – Plato


Tonight’s musical offering:

Rosa Elvira Sierra – Soprano (http://www.rosaelvirasierra.ch)  “Pie Jesu” (Requiem/G.Fauré)

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@agkdesign


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