Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!

Living in the vaudeville act of the modern era requires that you turn off your mind, tune into the prevalent BS piped into our minds via the corporate media, barfing up their lies, propaganda and bat shit, and sit back and relax.  The a-holes from Gehenna will do your thinking for you.

Watch this shittery from the guy with orange hair:

Donald Trump: “I Know Nothing About Wikileaks”



Trump Says Wikilieaks 141 Times on the Campaign Trail

Jesus, Mary and Joseph…the choicest of f**kery from this a-hole.

But rest assured, the modern purveyors of stench, have our best interests in their hearts:

They bombard our bodies with the toxins they infest in our water and food – and so few care.

They delight in opportunities to force innocents to take a jab in the arm of the chemical concoction of goo they and their corporate psychopath’s produce that you pay for.

The lie us into their wars, killing innocents in sovereign nations, neglecting the needs and heartbreak that our very own suffer through each and every day.

Tis a shame that so few understand what’s happening before their very eyes. The elimination of themselves, as they share basic idiocy with each other on social media.

Yes, we can share love, we can share recipes, we can share our dreams of life never to be realized – yet if we don’t stop the madness of these f**ks – there won’t be any opportunity left to each of us to share our love of one another.

The evil from these shysters are coming to your doorstep. And all of their shyte will arrive at your front door whether you want it our not.

If you don’t agree to partake of their shyte, doesn’t matter.  The love you have and give to your brethren won’t matter – you will be consumed, you will be absorbed into the hive mindset that understands nothing outside the matrix of shyte that spells the end of your life, prematurely, while they reap millions from our sufferings they produced.

Folks…I’m nearing the end of my life. I have a nice little trio of illnesses that will make the end an interesting trip.

But those of you younger than this old man – please, please look up from your hand-held radiation devices long enough to understand that you’re being f**ked in the ass by Washington’s demon’s.

Dark Day for Journalism as Assange is arrested – The Jimmy Dore Show


Tonight’s musical offering:

Cannonball Adderley Quintet  – “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” (1966)



  1. We seem to be at the same time of life. I turn seventy in December, and it is all I can do just to sit at this computer, read, write and respond. The body is giving out quickly, while the mind, for the moment at least, stays awake and aware.

    As with you, I am driven to keep screaming this awful truth. I am sorry you are suffering from these ailments! I wish you well, and thank you for continuing to do this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind kind, and insightful comment. Yes, I’m just a few years behind you – and just like you do on your excellent website, we are driven to keep screaming the awful truth. And we will continue to do so, until our bodies give way. Wishing you the best of health we can have at this age..and THANK YOU for all you do. Cheers!

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