Doubtful They Know…But the Doggies Know

My peripheral neuropathy decided to take a break from wreaking its shyte on my nervous system for the evening, allowing this old man to be out and about the town tonight, dropping into a new pizzeria in the neighborhood.

What joy!  Upon entering the electromagnetic web of goo with no less than 15 TV’s, all broadcasting sports – golf, basketball, soccer, rugby, hockey and more was the first onslaught to my senses I inhaled upon entering the mayhem that seemed more like a bad video game that I’d been unwillingly dropped into than a neighborhood pizzeria.

After somewhat adjusting to the onslaught of broadcasting ugliness, I noticed lots of children running around.  Where their parents were, I haven’t a clue. But many of these young innocents around the age of 8 or so, had a cell phone in their hands. Evidently, mommy and daddy had serious conversations they were engaged in – how else to explain little innocents running around with hand-held radiation devices in their small hands.

Doubtful any of the “adults” in the room know who Julian Assange is, and the travesty unfolding. Doubtful any of them know that their caring government has approved an experiment to create a type of bird flu that could kill millions of people, doubtful they know of ‘disease detectives’ sent out into particular NYC zip codes to investigate and possibly arrest innocents who don’t believe a jab in the arm, laced with toxins is the way to health, according to the psychopath’s in our government in the richest country in the world.

Doubtful they know of the endless wars Washington continues to wage, killing millions of innocents in sovereign nations. Doubtful they know of the billions of our taxes given to the military industrial complex to wage these wars, while our homeless, our sick, our uninsured, our brethren dying in our streets are left to themselves.

The radiation from their hand-held radiation devices, the f**kery of 5G, the Nazi police state the psychopath’s are unleashing here in the richest country in the world…while the populace sleeps – one is left with the hope that there is, at least, some among us who still knows, and is willing to fight.

And if we can’t find homo sapiens that know…the doggies know…they always know.

As I was playing the Masters theme song, the ultimate love dog of all, Sir Hennery O’Connor, came into the office of the writing chamber here in the Asylum, with toys in his mouth for him and me to enjoy. The doggies know…they always know.

Yes, the” Masters” Golf Tournament is watching millionaires playing a game in brilliant fashion to acquire more millions. But beyond that, is something so much more.

And as this time of the year approaches, and I try to understand how a simple theme, a simple song – can and always does impart the wonder of rules and nature splendidly in tune with each other, I am still enthralled.

No matter where you live…this simple yet beautiful theme, conveys what each of us feels deeply in our hearts…that we are at peace with God’s gifts of nature and of music – perfectly intertwined.

The pains from neuropathy have returned to me late tonight…but no matter. I have Sir Hennery near me…giving me the gifts of a loving creature, who understands, minus the BS of humans, that he loves me…and I love him – unconditionally!

“The rewards of golf, and of life too I expect, are worth very little if you don’t play the game by the etiquette as well as by the rules.” – Bobby Jones

“The Masters” – Theme Song



  1. Those adults in the room you talk of will soon learn a lot about Julian Assange, but since they will be learning about JA from Rachel Madcow and the like, they will hear the character assassination of JA but nothing of the lies and corruption done on your behalf by your government that Wikileaks exposed. We are at a momentous point in time where to speak freely will become a crime and no one seems to give a shit.


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