Gifts from God, Mother Earth, or the Committee of Dolphins Who Started All This

We’ve got to do the work on ourselves – we’ve got to come to an understanding of who we are, so that we can combat the absolute insanity we are facing from the psychopath’s running the circus.

We’ve got to educate ourselves…give ourselves a chance to stand firm with the knowledge we attain – knowledge that our ancestors knew, but knowledge that has been either suppressed or dumped into the black hole by the jackals and psychopath’s in order to keep us dumb.

For us, it all starts with taking back your health, both physical and mental. For if we don’t have health, how can we fight both the mental and physical onslaughts thrown at us and our loved ones each day? We can’t.

But you and your loved ones are worth it…goddamn it, you are worth it! You are worth the effort to ward off the shyte from government, corporate and media insanity.

They attempt to shut us up and blur our minds with their insanity, with their drudgery, with their poisons that contribute to our non-health.

And each time we find ourselves frightened from their broadcasts of absolute shittery – a shittery that includes taking a f**king chemical pill with an arm-sleeve of side effects, or an injection of chemicals that will supposedly (according to these hyena’s) protect us from whatever disease they tell us we need to be protected from – it is an absolute crock of shyte they promote – and the sooner we realize their f**kery – the sooner we might realize there are avenues provided by the gods to overcome it all.

There is a better way – but the better way is something we must fight for, or at the minimum, attain a knowledge of.

The following is short 30 minute video, on just one of the many the benefits from God, Mother Earth or the Committee of Dolphins who started this circus, of just one plant…just one of the millions of natural gifts from the gods.

Elderberry ~ Powerful Medicinal Plant!?!?

On today’s show we meet Terry, the owner of RIVER HILLS HARVEST this is the largest elderberry operation in America and they produce more pure elderberry juice than anybody in the USA and even the world.



Tonight’s musical offering:

ANTONIO VIVALDI (1678-1741) Concerto for two violins, strings, and basso continuo in A minor RV522 Op. 3 No. 8 “L’estro Armonico”

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The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be used in place of the advice of a healthcare professional. Always consult a doctor or your trusted health guru if you have health concerns.

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