The Chemical Dump Trucks Are on Their Way

Remember when your caring government, and responsible, ethical corporations provided things beneficial for your health and well-being?  Neither do we.

The gifts from the psychopath’s keep coming, and are now ramping up to levels of insanity only experienced in Gehenna.

Of course, those choosing Hell as their eternal dwelling place have never come back to warn mere living mortals of the pleasures they’ve experienced but it’s safe to say that had Dante been living in this modern era of f**kery, there wouldn’t have been just 9 circles of hell – he’d still be writing of the infinite number of circles of hell after observing the psychopath’s of today and their complete absence of morality.

FOX: UPS to Test U.S. Service That Dispatches Nurses to Vaccinate Adults in their Homes (Merck Says it’s Looking to Partner With Them)

The United Parcel Service or UPS, the world’s largest package delivery firm, is getting into the healthcare business, announcing this week that they are preparing to test a service (U.S. only) that dispatches nurses to vaccinate adults in their homes.

That’s correct.

Although they did not disclose which vaccines will be available, the Big Pharma giant- and vaccine maker- Merck & Co, is looking to partner with them.

“The project, previously unreported, shows how UPS is targeting a larger slice of the $85 billion outsourced healthcare logistics market. Deutsche Post’s DHL Group dominates the market, which is expected to grow to $105 billion by 2021.

Here is how the test, slated to launch later this year, will operate: Workers in UPS’ 1.7 million-square-foot healthcare complex at Worldport will package and ship the vaccine to one of the more 4,700 franchised U.S. UPS stores. A home health nurse contracted by UPS’ clinical trial logistics unit known as Marken will collect the insulated package, transport it the ‘last mile’ to the patient’s home and administer the vaccine, which will target a viral illness in adults.”1  via

Wow!  Toxic chemical shyte delivered to your front door! With a nurse supplied to inject the poisons? What a deal!

Indeed, bring on the AluminumFormaldehyde, Monosodium glutamate (MSG), Thimerosal, MRC-5 human diploid cells, CMRL 1969 medium supplemented with calf serum, bovine serum albumin, host cell DNA, sodium metabisulphite, host cell protein – for this is the mother lode of health, according to these shysters.

It is beyond the ordinary unwashed citizen’s mind that they are slowly, and methodically, being poisoned by heathens, psychopath’s and demon-dwellers, all in the name of health. What a neat little game the pharmaceutical giants and government psychopath’s roll out. And with the corporate media complicit in their chicanery – most an insouciant American haven’t an idea of the vat of chemicals awaiting them – for their health, of course.

If we don’t all come together, in love, goodness and courage, and stand up to these supreme a-holes and say “no more” – how long do each of our loved ones, our beloved pets, our very selves have left?

Must See: Barrie Trower & Mark Steele Re: WIFI, 5G – It’s Industrial Murder, Genocide


Tonight’s musical offering: (If for nothing else, but a momentary escape back to a time when we (innocent souls) weren’t being completely f**ked

The Wonders – “Dance With Me Tonight” – Extracted from the movie “That Thing You Do!”

(“and let me hold you tight” – dream of it quickly, before it’s against the law)

Just my personal opinion – the day fast approaches where the shysters of the government and media press to outlaw passion, love and the reality of living)

(Headphones on and volume up, for full sensory enjoyment)

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