Each of Us, Individually, are Worth More Than This….Right?

We swear by the candy canes and lollipops falling from the skies in the form of geo-engineering goo manipulating the weather, brought to you by the self-proclaimed caring and loving demons in Washington and degenerate CEO’s of corporations that make a mighty buck from your suffering – that all forms of f**kery from these shysters, have overtaken most of an apathetic American soul, where they no longer give a care where they are being led to; what form of absolute lunacy is offered up by their government; what soup of shit is proffered by corporate conglomerates, dispensing pain and misery – as long as it subscribes to the collective health of the “herd” – as they dictate, of course, then all is good along the yellow brick road of our demise.

Verizon to Cook Chicago and Minneapolis with 5G and Charge Customers Extra $10 a Month to Use It – via activistpost.com

Now this is a DEAL! Get your brains fried, your neurological system scrambled, along with a host of other ailments and get charged for the pleasure.

Please Amy, tell us what this is:

Proper f**kery, to be sure.

But there’s more of what you pay these corporate and governmental cesspools for, all in the name of your health, and the collective health of the “herd”.

If Truth Be Known About the Mumps Vaccine! Animal Blood Antibodies for 10 Years Got FDA Licensure – via activistpost.com

And more…

Not all vaccines are safe for all people, at all ages, in all quantities. Full stop! There is no question that scientifically and medically, that statement can be proven with ample evidence. In fact, U.S. taxpayers have compensated the families of vaccine injured children to the tune of $4 billion dollars in the past 30 years.(emphasis added)

Unfortunately, even a statement as common sense as that is treated by many online as dangerous. Now, tech companies like Facebook and Google have taken the stand to help purge the world of what they call “vaccine denial.” So does that action make our society or world a safer place? No. Let’s give it a Reality Check. via activistpost.com

So what is this devotion to willingly intaking all forms of corporate and pharmaceutical f**kery of us all?

Laziness and willful ignorance on the part of apathetic Americans who long since gave up their minds and souls to the jackals of the day – whether they be found on the daily twitter dump, the corporate produced news, or propaganda from your caring government.

It’s been made far too easy to cop out to the BS of government and corporate horseshit.

In reality, as it stands today, we obey, consume and repeat the choicest of stench from the psychopath’s currently in charge. If we give their charges a whiff of a scent, we ignore their stench and are quickly off to the next stench of modern day f**kery that takes us away from ourselves, away from our hearts, away from our souls and away from our health and well-being – giving it all over to the demons of our age.

How else to explain that so few give a shyte that they’re facing forced jabs from a needle of chemical goo, for the sake of “health” of the herd?

Always check the details of the car you buy, always check the fine print of the contract you sign…yet how few check the ingredients in the typical vaccine:

Aluminum;  Formaldehyde; Monosodium glutamate (MSG); Thimerosal – via CDC.com

This is health?

Are these poisons the key to health, or prevention of disease?  Just step back for a few seconds and think about what they are cramming down our throats and into our arms.

Collectively, the American citizen is willfully ingesting the full monty of absolute insanity from the non-humans.

We are apathetically buying into their greed that hasn’t a scent of care about what we’re paying for. We pay for this shyte, whether via outrageous and unaffordable health care deductibles, or more to the point, to the utter ugliness of the health tragedies that these poisons can produce.

Don’t take it from me….read of the real insanity experienced from an RN who believed in the offerings from these pharmaceutical monsters, until she and her child, experienced the full f**kery from these psychopaths:

Enduring Mockery, Insults, and Death Threats, Pediatric NICU Nurse Comes Forward to Talk About Her Own Child’s Vaccine Injuries – via healthimpactnews.com

And this is just one testimony from many a parent whose child has been harmed by the chemical goo that they pay for from these shyster pharmaceutical dumps.

The day is fast approaching, where we’ll ALL be “required” to line up for a vat of chemicals injected into our arms, all in order to prevent whatever disease they think we need to be protected from – for their profit.

The truth of the matter is that a jab of toxic-shyte chemicals injected into each of us innocents for the profits of these shysters corporations and the kick-back they give to their government cronies won’t provide health, won’t provide protection of disease, won’t provide anything more than living with their putridness of shyte.

To stop this insanity…first, you’ve got to get mad…

Speech from the movie “Network” – “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”


In a very short amount of time, it won’t matter whether you’re democrat, republican or anything in between; it won’t matter what gender you ascribe to; it won’t matter your beliefs, the longings of your heart, your hopes or dreams – and believe it or not, it won’t matter what gems of shittery your latest squeeze, whether real or imagined, pontificated about.

They all will be dashed, as their poisons overtake each of us – because we’ve swallowed the guano from these swines, who only care to make a buck off your suffering, and making damn sure they add to your suffering so they can continue to make billions.

If you won’t get “mad”; won’t stand up to these modern day hellions – what awaits you and your loved ones?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Bach: Concerto for 4 pianos – BWV 1065 III – Allegro (David Fray, J. Rouvier, E. Christien, A. Vigoureux)

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@nicolafioravanti

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