Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Tonight’s episode of: “How did I end up on this gloriously beautiful planet, abundant in flora and fauna, minerals, stones and more to keep me healthy in conjunction with the food I eat, only to find that the choices to maintain health, or if ill, to cure whatever is ailing me, is monopolized by purveyors of chemical concoctions that neither make me feel better, and certainly don’t cure me.

First, before addressing the creator(s) bounty provided to all of us, most of which has been buried by pharmaceutical mega corporations; by corporate media outlets who are financed and supported by pharmaceutical corporations (just watch any corporate media broadcast and note the commercials from the pharma giants advertising their vile of goo for you to take to possibly make you feel better, but with a laundry list of side effects from their poisonous offerings) one must come to an elementary understanding of the absolute shittery the demons running the circus are about to unleash upon the innocents.

The demons have ensured we’re continually eating, drinking and breathing their poisons with their GMO food, with the flouride dumped into our water supply, with geo-engineering of the weather and now, with further f**kery given to the insouciant from these shysters offerings of the latest electronic and technocratic horseshit:

Prominent Biochemistry Professor Warns: 5G is the ‘Stupidest Idea in the History of the World (9 minutes in length)

And further…

Global 5G Wifi Will Blanket the Earth in a Mosaic of “Cells” – Max Igan (Press for Truth) – 13 minutes in length

How to combat this?

Start with the simple – Let Food Be Thy Medicine.  No matter your personal beliefs of a god, of a universe, or of a committee of dolphins who might have put us here – get back to the basics – the ways of health handed down from one generation before us after the generation before them, and so on.

The journey to discover real health and real food isn’t that difficult. It all starts with an understanding – that being that YOU (and your loved ones) are worth more than the BS of ‘health’ offered up by the corporate shysters hoping to make a buck off your illness.

Consider just a couple of entries into good health:

OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY: In this episode Stacy is going over how to make this home remedy. SAMBUCUS NIGRA – BLACK ELDERBERRY


OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY are talking EPSOM SALT and the many uses for it on the homestead. You might not believe all the stuff you can do with this stuff.

The above offerings are just but 2 of the thousands of other healthy offerings found on the good part of the world wide waste.

“The herb that can’t be got is the one that heals.” ~ Irish Saying


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mozart: Magic Flute overture at the Salzburg festival 2006. Mozart – Wiener Philharmoniker – directed by Riccardo Muti

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com@/organicdesignco


  1. I don’t have a TV and only see what is offered on the boob tube when I stay in a motel. The two things that I find astonishing is the advertisements for the latest wonder drug spend more time listing the possible side effects than the supposed good they do. The other is the latest computer game advertised seems more violent than the previous ones.

    Moon of Alabama had a good discussion on 5G. Lots of interesting links in the comments.


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