Organic Might Just Not Be ‘Organic’

There’s zero chance that you’ll ever get everything you want in life, and if you’re seeking the truth of about anything that really matters, for instance, your health, it’s the same as  spending a millennium in Gehenna waiting for the first frost.

Just as 6 corporations control 90% of the media in America; and Beelzebub hands out bags of greenbacks issued by the grand master of shittery himself to nearly all politicians and earthly demonic wizards producing monumental bullocks day in and day out (a/k/a C-level and above management types in any large corporation here in the richest country in the world) rest assured that when you think you’re getting the square deal, doing what you can on even the most elementary of levels to supplement your good diet with good supplements – believing the corporate world of organics is actually organic, is akin to believing that your lovable canine will actually start conversing with you in Russian tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., wearing his/her favorite ushanka.

Over the past decade many small organic food brands have been snapped up by giant corporations. Clearly, this can be bad for standards and quality.

Who owns your favorite organic food label? Think most organic products and companies are independent- think again. Odwalla = Coca-ColaGreen and Blacks Chocolate = CadburyCascadian Farms = General Mills. The list goes on and on. In fact, if you see it at a chain grocery store, your favorite organic or natural foods product is probably owned by a big corporation. – via

And the following is a nice little visual of many of the supplements you might be ingesting, thinking that because their label is the same as it always has been, that the real deal of what these mega corporations, who have bought out the purveyor’s of the pure


PrintEmergenC is now in the hands of Pfizer; Mega Food now controlled by Olsuka; EsterC in the hands of The Carlye Group.?…we’ve entered into the 10th ring of Hell because Dante couldn’t envision the further f**kery of the modern era, beyond his 9th Ring of Hell.

Obviously, the lesson here is to read the labels of the supplements you ingest. Take it upon yourselves to research…or even more to the point, take a trip down the road where all that is natural, all that is organic, all that is truly good for our health, has been passed down from generation upon generation, and if we but pull our heads out of our arse’s long enough to see the better way…it is there for each of us to ponder, and maybe even follow:

Geo-engineering of the weather, health in the form of a composite of chemicals administered via a needle, pharmaceutical poisons prescribed to us by shysters in white lab coats – when will we stop believing in their insanity and find the better way?

Couple Finds Cure for Dis-Ease


Tonight’s musical offering:

Clementi – Symphony in B-Flat Maor, Op. 18, No. 1: Un poco adagio

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