The Old Ones Know

Remember when your parents or grandparents, aunts, uncles or other ‘old ones’ chimed in at the dinner table, holiday gathering, or any other forced family fun activity that “you’ll understand once you get to their age”?

If you heard such a comment and are below the age of 40 or so; you might laugh, giggle, roll your eyes, or just dismiss outright, such strange thinking from a mind seeped in dementia, with no filter in their head of what they were saying.  After all, their dementia prohibits them from knowing exactly, who you are. If they can’t recognize the cosmic genius that you consider yourself to be, how could any thought they currently have, pinging off the constricting maze inside their brains have any relevance to the glories of this hideously sick society?

The Old Ones of today are mostly unimpressed with much of any offerings of the electronic goo of the modern era. A cell phone scares them to death (and rightly so, with a highly respected U.S. government’s National Toxicology Program finding significantly increased rates of rare malignant cancers of the heart and brain in rodents exposed to wireless technology – via

The Old Ones overriding concern is getting from the bed, to the shower each morning, then to breakfast, and then to their morning nap, without falling and breaking a hip, knee or arm. And if YOU live long enough, this too will be your overriding concern each day.

But before the unfortunate necessity of  assisted living facilities, where angels of mercy, kindness and compassion attend to the Old Ones basic, everyday needs; they did impart their knowledge and love that they learned of, from past generations of Old Ones – to the open-minded – those who just may not subscribe to the insanity of Washington shysters, and their endless programs to kill off innocents in sovereign lands.

Just a tiny taste of what the Old Ones have given each of us, passed down from one generation of Old Ones to the next:


OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY: Doug and Stacy are talking about something sweet. Today we are discussing the benefits of raw honey and the many, many benefits.

Do the modern day magicians from Hell – the demons we continue to allow to dictate and subscribe to what their version of nirvana is that benefits them, and casts a shadow of modern day shittery upon all the rest of us – do they have your interests at heart?

When will we wake up, and understand that God’s bounty wasn’t regulated ONLY to these f**ks who, sadly, control us all.

God’s bounty is there for each of us, rich, poor and in between.

Stop listening to their shittery that divides, stop considering their identity politics that divide – stop giving more than a flying f**k of what these propagandists continue to push each and every day – wars, strife and suffering of innocents.

Instead, consider the wisdom of the Old Ones – those souls living before us, now finding themselves in rooms where angels dwell – souls knowing, souls sadly forgotten – who know because they have lived long and have endured life’s lessons. Sadly, they are forgotten, while we, the generations before them, are lost, crying out to generations long since past, to show us the way.

And yet, ‘”the way” has always been before each of us, if we but choose to listen…and follow.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Aaron Copland (1900 – 1990): 4 Dance Episodes from “Rodeo” III. Saturday Night Waltz

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  1. Yes, indeed. I understand and remember when the elder relatives/acquaintances said this (often). Of course not every “elderly” person is wise or always right. But, most folks do speak from insight and experience. And we “younger” folks should listen more 🙂

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