Following Assholes Into Hell

When you’re the thug of the neighborhood, it’s part of your everyday to go about practicing thuggery – you know, robbing and murdering – stealing that which you choose and killing those whom you dictate need to be killed.

Now, if you’re one of the common folk, the pleb’s, the deplorable’s – and you try to practice thuggery – more often than not you’ll find yourself in more trouble than what happens when you continually adhere to the corporate bullshittery of the day where you consume their genetically modified foods, take a jab in the arm from a needle laced with chemicals for your “health”, or kill off the few remaining brain cells you have left by listening to their propaganda jive.

But when you’re the big bad ass dog of the world – the art of practicing thuggery is looked upon by the insouciant and dumbed-down public as something akin to Moses parting the Red Sea.

White House Won’t Rule Out Attacking Venezuela Militarily – via

Mick Mulvaney said that the president wouldn’t be doing his job if he ruled out attacking Venezuela, telling reporters he is looking at that idea “extraordinarily closely” after having endorsed opposition leader Juan Guaido as president.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

So, we have “some guy” in Venezuela, declaring himself to be president of a country, never having run for any type of office…and Washington’s shit-tards are on board with backing the bastard. I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with oil, right?

Could China declare that the Speaker of the House, the lucidly impaired nutjob, Nancy Pelosi, be president of the good ole’ USA?  Hardly.

Yet the world listens to the onions from this psychotic:

John Bolton Openly Admits He Wants Maduro Out, American Oil Companies In – via

Sadly, the insouciant American seems to be perfectly fine with following assholes into Hell. They consider themselves “informed” citizens by the propaganda of the day they swallow from the corporate hellions; and rather than seek out the truth, choose instead to sink even deeper into their electric goo of comfort, lying on a bed with a warm blanket over them – comforted with a belief in the insanity from lying psychopath’s of  the day.

We have our very own citizens, our own brethren, suffering from extreme poverty, from homelessness – suffering from either a complete lack of healthcare, or, if insured, a deductible so high that they won’t even consider seeking the counsel of arrogant health care “professionals” who don white labs coats to signal that they know the jack-shit that you don’t know.

You’re being conned.  They’re counting on you being on board with their thuggery. Sadly, you can’t be bothered with the insanity of another regime change operation hosted by Washington’s “grade A” assholes. It’s all to continue with the BS of American exceptionalism, where we invade sovereign nations, lay their country to waste and rob their country of its assest’s.

But who cares, right? You’ve got a mountain of texts to deal with from the degenerate boss above you – demanding that you kiss their ass because they offer up shittery, f**kery, and rancid trash that they dreamed up the night before from their personal nightmare.

There might be a day when the current day stooges are cast aside; when the collective soul will laugh in unison with their brethren at the absolute insanity that past generations of nutjobs offered up as “the way”. Whether we arrive at that point before we have all lost our minds – who knows for sure.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Pink Floyd – “Time”

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