The Bullshittery of the Era Continues

As football fans and sports addicts here in the States have lost their collective shyte over a bad officiating call during one of the football games on Sunday, broadcast with heavy doses of propaganda-laced commercials to entice dead-brain humans to buy and consume toxic food and beverage offerings that American corporations lovingly create for them and the world at large to gorge themselves upon that just might bring about their pre-mature deaths – most of the millions of insouciant could give a flying f*** that Israeli jets bombed Syria…again.

F**k yeah! Isn’t this what America is all about – entertaining the brain-dead – with corporations and in-pocket Washington lunatics vomiting out their putrid corporate offerings, while throwing billions in “aid” to other countries, so that they too can participate in ending innocents lives while those suffering here in America are cast into Washington’s bullshittery trash cans that will be found in abundance in Gehenna?

26 (yes, just 26) Billionaires Own as Much as World’s Poorest 3.8 Billion People, Fueling Global Anger – via

(CD— With Wall Street titans, tech moguls, and other members of the global financial and political elite set to gather in Davos, Switzerland this week for the annual World Economic Forum, a report published late Sunday found that the planet’s richest people saw their fortunes soar by $2.5 billion per day (emphasis added) last year as the world’s poorest lost wealth.

But don’t be concerned about such inequities…continue to drink deeply of the stench from jack-asses, hyena’s, and pieces of excrement, such as the following:

“Are you with Trump, or are you with the FBI?”  Oh, for f**k’s sake!

The dickheads, the daft bastards, the absolute f**kery of the current era lead us to buy-in into their f**kery; that GMO’s, pharmaceutical poisons, apathetic medical personnel in white lab coats, shit-heads in expensive suits sending others son’s and daughter’s to die in their demon-inspired wars, along with other assorted circus freaks who delight in supplying their fellow humans with bio-engineering of the weather, or of more untold horseshit that is the modern era – that they are counting on you to continue to drink of the deeply demise they offer.  Stop, just stop!

As they (the demons in charge) have demonstrated from one generation to the next, they don’t give a spit-shyte about you and yours, and never will – just stop believing in their nonsense and live in the “real”:

Australian Government Causing Death and Disability with Mandatory Vaccination Policies – via

Stop believing in their shittiness; stop following their offerings – resist their insanity wrapped in 30 second commercial offerings of ugliness, identity politics and outhouse offerings, and instead latch onto the beauty you have within your hearts that asks, with the simple message from the universe – will you help your brethren?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Three Dog Night – “Out in the Country”

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