The latest daft disorder that is all the rage and, evidently, has infected millions of plebeians is the “fear of missing out”, or FOMO.

Apparently, the “universe of stupidity”, which all common sense thinking can easily see, found it’s home here on Earth –  hundreds, thousands, millions or even billions of years ago (who knows for sure) and with a steadfast dedication, rooted itself firmly in the Terra firma and has produced mass islands of shit to dwell deeply within.

For today, we have plebeians checking their hand-held radiation devices over 2,600 times each day, hoping they aren’t missing out from any of the glorious shyte of the modern era.

Who can blame them?

With the average human attention span now down to 8 seconds, can anyone remember from one moment to the next what the magnificent rage of the universe was 30 seconds ago?  And if they have just a scant memory of what sent a tingle through their inner thigh a few seconds ago, the dread of FOMO sets in, vanquishing all rational thought in order to experience the “latest” dread of the moment.

Humans to Download their SOULS onto Microchips So They Can ‘Live Forever’

, a founder of Digital Anthropologist and an expert for Future of Work, has warned of a future in which British workers have chips inserted underneath their skin.

The process has already been trialled with company BioTeq fitting 150 implants in the UK.

And Sweden-based firm Biohax told the Sunday Telegraph that it is in discussions with several British companies about microchipping.

But as humans and machines become more in-sync, it could open up all sorts of possibilities – including being able to live forever. – via

Yes, indeed – this is what plebeians in the current age of f**kery accept as their everyday. A future life plugged into the BS of the current insanity they fret over with each and every inane text.

Where in the hell is the great gig in the sky? Where is Jesus? Where is God? More than likely He/She/It is on a cruise, searching for universes long since hatched who haven’t lost their minds, hearts and souls.

But don’t despair, there are all sorts of FOMO goo that your loving government, no matter what country you find yourself enslaved in, happily administers:

Australian Government Cause Death and Disability with Mandatory Vaccination Policies:

1)  A US CDC government medical expert confirms the causal link between vaccines and autism  (video 11 mins) by Sharyl Attkisson
2) Healthy Triplets All Autistic within Hours of Vaccination  (video 12 mins)
3) A US CDC scientist confirms the causal link between vaccines and autism was suppressed by the CDC and US government in the study that was published in 2004.(video 2 min)
4) Mary Holland JD, a human rights campaigner exposes the true story behind the media smearing of Andrew Wakefield’s research showing a link between MMR vaccine and autism.  – via

FOMO doesn’t include giving a basic shit about our own lives, our health, or those of our loved ones. It doesn’t include giving a flying f**k about that which might hurt, harm or destroy each of us, provided by the hands of psychotics.  It’s more about tripping about the shittery of the age, wondering just what was the latest turd of the day I missed smelling.

Don’t ever forget that all this Trump/Russian salad dressing was concocted long ago…ok, well, at least a few years ago – and here’s the proof!

How gloriously dumb and stupid we’ve allowed ourselves to become. We jive with the imbeciles of the era to speak for us…as our souls breathe in the stench from the shysters, from the psychopath’s, from the absolute maniac’s of the era – calling upon us to assist in ending our lives prematurely.

There is a better way…but how few want to be bothered with any truths outside the fear of missing out – which is nothing more than missing out on the absolute horseshit of the era.


Tonight’s musical offering – (if nothing else but to provide beauty of the gods through Beethoven:)

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 – Movement 3 – Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

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